DIY Glow Live: Our Beauty Expert’s Recommendations For Healthy Hands

Ever since the pandemic has intensified, the phrase “wash your hands” became a common mantra that you recite multiple times a day. You’re probably washing your hands excessively right now (you should be!). But with all that washing comes an incredibly common skin issue: dryness & itchiness followed by brittle nails. Check out what our beauty expert Nivedita has to offer to overcome this problem and have soft, healthy hands. 

If you think the first signs of ageing and lines appear on your face or neck, you are wrong! Do you know the skin on your hands’ age faster than your face? As terrifying as that sounds, rough, dull hands are now a thing of the past.  A little TLC with easy and simple home remedies will cure those niggling hand & nail woes in a snap. And by working with a few ingredients twice a week, you can help give your hands an extra lease on life. Let’s get started.

Scrub Away For Soft Hands 


½ inch Ginger
2tsp Lemon
1tsp Turmeric
4 tsp of Chickpea powder or Oats 

Whip up the above mixture by combing all the ingredients together. Soak your hands in warm water for 5 minutes. Apply it to your hands and rub gently in a circular motion. Rinse with warm water. Ginger & lemon in the recipe will leave your skin radiant and healthy while the turmeric & chickpea/oats will gently deep cleanse & exfoliate it. The result? Silky soft and healthy hands with minimal effort!

Moisturise & Hydrate


2tsp Ghee + 1tsp Honey
Olive oil + Vit.E cap + Honey
Coconut Oil + Honey

Parched & dry hands need intense hydration. Three combinations to choose from, these recipes are super nourishing and simple! After just one use you will notice a change in the overall look and feel of your hands, thanks to their rich moisturising properties that also happens to be suitable for all skin types.

Masking It Up For Healthy Hands


Saffron + Rosewater + Fresh cream
Tomato + Curd + Lemon
Aloe vera + Rosewater
Mango pulp or Banana pulp

You can use any of the above recipes with ingredients you likely have in your kitchen cabinets. These hand masks will help brighten the dull skin and provide intense nourishment that plumps up your hands leaving them softer than a baby’s skin in no time. We suggest that you spend a few minutes rubbing it on before you let it sit for 10 minutes and rinse in warm water.

Get That Extra Moisture With A Hand Cream
In fact, during the night, we have six to eight hours of great opportunity to show our hands some extra TLC. Get yourself a gentle hand cream, and apply it before going to bed! All you need is a dash and a dab to wake up with your hands looking (and feeling) fabulous the next morning.

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