Diwali Style Guide: Makeup That Matches Your Personality

diwali style guide

With Diwali festivities lined up back to back, it’s the season to bring out your beautiful best as you revel in celebration with family and friends. It’s also an opportunity for you to experiment with different outfits, accessories, and most importantly – makeup looks. But wait. Before you smear your face with liquids, powders etc. to create what’s ‘hot and ‘in’, step back to assess what kind of makeup suits your personality.

Use our decode guide to add a personal touch to dress up your face and see how you turn heads as you step out into the night of bright lights.

The Girl Next Door

A personality that’s rooted in tradition, the girl next door is simple, happy, and loves to keep things as natural as they can be. You love to get decked up, but prefer to stay away from stuff that is bold and dramatic. The perfect makeup for you is one that is minimal, elegant, and which feels like second skin.

To create the look:
Prep your skin with a good moisturiser. Use a foundation with a satiny or dewy finish for that natural glow. Set the makeup into place with a finishing powder. Bank on a monochrome eyeshadow that matches your attire, a fine kohl liner, and a sweep of mascara to brighten up your eyes and lashes. Wear a nude lip colour for that oh-so-natural feel. Finally, impart a subtle glow to your cheeks with a pale blush.

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The Rebel

Norms and rules don’t entice you, but breaking them does. Diwali dressing and makeup, for you, is about flouting tradition. There is glow and glimmer all around, and the way you make a mark for yourself is with a complete contrast – matte makeup!

To create the look:
Set the base with a mattifying primer followed by a 2-in-1 compact foundation. Contour the hollows of your cheeks, the temples, and the bridge of the nose using a contouring palette. Add subtle highlights to the top of the cheeks with a powder highlighter. Smoke up the eyes using matte transition and neutral eyeshadows followed by a smoky kajal for the eyeliner. Wrap up with a nude, matte, long-stay lipstick.

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The Fashionista

You always love to stay ahead of the fashion curve. Everything from your head to toe spells style. You’re ever willing to add flavour and drama to the way you dress up. Exactly why high-definition makeup with bold colours and textures is your best bet for Diwali.

Create a smooth and flawless base with a primer followed by a medium to full coverage foundation. Profess your love for effervescent hues with bright and shimmery eyeshadows. Enhance the look with a subtle winged liner, while volumising eyelashes with a rich mascara. Use a contouring and highlighting palette to create a sculpted look. Define and fill the eyebrows with the brow definer. Complete your look with a bright matte lip colour.

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Featured image photo credit: Gauri Khan Instagram account.

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