Diwali Detox – Much Needed Pampering Session Post Festive Madness

What’s a detox? Flushing out toxins from the body. How? By taking nutrient-dense food, drinking in lots of water, and exercising regularly. What’s more to detox? Detox can be targeted to a specific concern or a whole body to be precise. Let’s talk about the much-anticipated skin and hair detox to counteract the post-Diwali festive fatigue. What’s festive fatigue? The running around to get chores done, setting up the Diwali décor, endless cooking, playing dress-up, hosting a Diwali lunch/dinner, bursting firecrackers, stuffing faces with calorie-dense food, etcetera. Who loves waking up to looking dull and tired post festivities? Hence, the detox! Okay, let us give you detailed info as to what’s and how’s of the detox process!

Skin Detox – Why?
We hope you know that the skin is the largest organ in the body. Its most important function is body temperature regulation, protection from dust and pollution, and synthesis of vitamin D.

What piles up toxins in your skin? 
Exposure to heat and pollution, chemicals in water, makeup, skin products loaded with chemicals, stress, and an unhealthy diet.

How to combat the toxins?

  • Hydrate: They always say eat water and drink food. Sadly, these days, the sedentary lifestyle triggers overeating, almost zero physical activity, and hardly any water intake. Optimum hydration is needed for good hair and skin health. On average, one is required to gulp down at least 3-4 litres of water per day. Stay consistent to notice remarkable changes in the way your skin glows and keep most of your health problems at bay. Diwali calls in for not just food, but also enough hydration for obvious reasons.

Tips to stay on track: There are innumerable apps to remind you to drink a glass of water every 30 minutes. Ideally, one should drink water only one-hour post-meal (the long gap aids in better digestion). Secondly, if drinking plain water is not your thing, you can try infused water with mint, cucumber, lemon etcetera. It’s mostly DIY depending on what your taste buds prefer. Fruit juices, brekkie smoothies and green juices help too. 

  • Sleep: A good amount of undisturbed sleep is mandatory for the body to self-cleanse and the brain to rejuvenate to perform the bodily functions properly. Insomnia and sleeping late are directly related to dull looking and dehydrated skin that alters the skin’s pH, which leads to breakouts, dry and flaky skin etc. Do not drink water 1-2 hours before bed, tuck away electronic gadgets and read a book or meditate for better sleep health.
  • Exercise: Diwali is all about the extravagant spread of numerous mouth-watering dishes plus the countless homemade sweets and desserts from extended family and friends. Post binging on festivals, there’s no point if you do crash diets and intense workouts that lead to hair fall and bad skin health. Eating nutritious food and listening to your body while you exercise to keep all the problems at bay. How? The sweat glands are super active when you exercise that flushes out waste, toxins and impurities, thereby keeping your skin glowing and fresh. P.S. Never take hot showers post-workout as it might strip off the natural oils in your skin and makes it dry and patchy.
  • Tip: Stay informed and exercise only under the guidance of a professional. 
  • Double cleanse: Cleansing your face with oil as the first cleanse and with a foaming cleanser as the second cleanse is known as a double-cleansing. Double cleanse is super efficient in removing all the sebum, dirt and pollution from your face and is highly recommended before you hit the bed every day, to keep your skin supple, plump and to delay wrinkles, fine lines, and ageing.
    FACES Canada Daily Double Makeup Removing & Cleansing Foam
    Bio Oil Skin Care Oil
  • Exfoliation: Using scrubs or chemical exfoliants to remove the outer layer of dead skin is known as exfoliation. How often do you need to exfoliate? Once in a week to start off with, followed by twice or thrice a week. Why exfoliation? Scraping off the dead skin occasionally leaves you with clearer soft skin and helps with hyperpigmentation, uneven skin tone and dull/dehydrated skin. After all, the hustle-bustle of the festive prep, sit back, relax, and exfoliate!
  • Try:
    Earth Rhythm Exfoliating Cleanser Ahas & Bhas
    Himalaya Gentle Exfoliating Apricot Scrub
    Cetaphil Daily Exfoliating Face Cleanser For All Skin Types
    The Derma Co 30% AHA + 2% BHA Peeling Solution 
  • Toner and moisturizer: Toner comes next to cleansing the skin and is not supposed to be missed. It balances the skin’s pH and eliminates any traces of oil that your cleanser might have missed. Toners also shrink the pore size and prep up your skin for further steps in your skincare routine. Next comes the moisturizer that hydrates your skin and aids in proper penetration of the other products. Never skip these vital steps in your skincare regimen.
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  • Sheet masks: Sheet masks are a great way to unwind and soothe your overworked skin from all the makeup, the stress involved in planning a great Diwali night, and lack of sleep from all the masti and gala. No matter what your skin type is, maintaining moisture levels and balance during the cold weather is a real task. Sheet masks from health and glow, in all their variety, cater to a range of skincare needs, including hydration, anti-ageing, brightening and many more. Check out our range now and find what suits you best!
    Mirabelle Korea Gold + Charcoal Sheet Mask
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  • Lastly, limit alcohol consumption and smoking tobacco to protect your skin from looking dull and dehydrated, which directly leads to ageing and wrinkled skin.

A skin detox once in a while cleans out whiteheads, blackheads and minimizes the pore size. Gives firmer and tighter skin thereby leaving your skin looking glowing and gorgeous.

Hair Detox Routine
This Diwali, just like your body, your hair also needs a detox to free it from all the chemical loaded products you’ve used, heating techniques employed to style it, pollution from bursting firecrackers, and the possible sun damage from running errands, etc. Basically, detoxifying your hair cleans out toxins and pollutants from your hair shaft. Here are some super safe, quick, and enjoyable detox techniques for a lustrous mane. Try away and show some love. 

Hot oil therapy and deep conditioning – Grandma’s kitchen Secrets
Hot oil treatment can improve the health of your tresses tremendously. Massaging hot oil into your hair makes your hair roots and cuticles strong, hydrates and protects them. As per Ayurveda, oil massaging eliminates frizz and strengthens hair, reduces dryness of hair and scalp (bidding goodbye to dandruff) and has fewer split ends. How long do you have to leave in the oil? A minimum of 30 minutes or leave it overnight to reap maximum benefits. In the olden days, pre and post festivities saw one slather oil from head to toe and then bathe with bath powder. It cleanses your hair deeply and conditions it without the need to using of harsh conditioners. For chemically treated hair, a mandate deep conditioning immediately after imparts shine and lustre to the hair. Hot oiling and deep conditioning cleanse and strengthen hair and accentuate hair growth and prevent hair breakage. What if we say you’ve got some amazing herbal conditioners from our line of clean beauty to try from? A goal for sure!
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Which oil works the best for hot oil therapy?

Coconut oil whips out the magic in transforming your hair. It moisturizes and restores the softness of the strands and enhances the shine, nevertheless. Oils like almond, argan, tea tree and rosemary also can be used on people with oily scalp. Oil massage at least thrice in a week to see spectacular results. Always pay attention to the temperature of the oil. Heat it to a point where you can massage it without burning your hands. Wash off with natural shampoos and do not load your hair with chemical-based conditioners. More information on how to wash your hair is right below. Happy reading!
Just Herbs Unprocessed Extra Virgin Coconut Oil

Hair washes with Soapnut/Shikakai: One of the oldest, safest, natural and eco-friendly products to wash your hair with. The natural saponins in shikaki help cleanse your hair without leaving behind even traces of oil. Shikakai is loaded with vitamins that deeply nourishes your hair without stripping it off its natural oils. Just apply a paste or powder of shikaki, let it sit for some time and rinse off.

Herbal Shampoos: If you can get hold of the soapnuts or shikakai, fret not! Health and glow stocks up on some amazing herbal shampoos under their clean beauty section. They are worth 100 tries. From anti-dandruff to protein-loaded shampoos and keratin to deep moisturizing shampoos, they have it all. Try them and let us know your reviews.

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Air dry your strands:
It is always recommended to air dry your hair naturally rather than using heat to dry it. Heat makes your hair brittle and dry, which leads to further breakage. 

Taking a break from using chemicals on your hair to trim off your split ends gives you better hair health. 

Foods for hair detox: Two most important things that strong hair thrives for is good hydration and intake of adequate protein. Eating a balanced diet rich in vitamins and minerals keeps your overall skin and hair healthy long term. Who doesn’t love shiny hair and glowing skin?

Take a break and unwind with the most amazing tips and techniques spoken above, for a much-needed pampering session this post-Diwali. Do try all and let us know how you felt.

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