Dealing With Period Is Now Easy

Periods are so dreadful. And to make matters worse, this dreaded, though necessary, occurrence keeps its date with us month after month. The absolute harrowing nature of this experience is, we cannot wish them away. We can only adopt the right menstrual hygiene practices to make our periods as less uncomfortable as possible. That’s why we have put together the ultimate period kit for you to make that time of the month pass like a breeze:

Menstrual Cups
A menstrual cup is one intimate hygiene product that invokes a lot of apprehension among first-time users. However, those who have taken the giant leap of faith almost unanimously agree that this magical menstrual device has changed their life. A high-quality medical grade silicone menstrual cup like the Stonesoup Reusable Menstrual Cup can make your monthly period a lot less uncomfortable. Since you can insert these inside the vagina, there is no risk of rashes or stains as with pads and tampons. The cup stores the menstrual blood instead of soaking it. Thus, reducing the risk of toxic shock syndrome associated with bacterial infections caused by conventional pads and tampons. Since these are reusable, they also help in lifting a huge strain from our landfills.

Period Panties
You don’t have to be stuck with hideous granny panties just for the sake of greater coverage to prevent leaks and stains during your period. Period panties like Adira Period Panty Hipster are a more trendy and comfortable alternative. These are designed to offer decent coverage and usually come with a detachable inner lining made from a fabric with good soaking abilities to prevent leaks from turning into hideous stains.

Pain Relief Patch
Oh, those nasty menstrual cramps that feel like someone’s grabbed and twisted your insides. They are what makes our period the most awful occurrence of our lives. In the desperation to make the pain and the cramps go away, most women often resort to popping pills mindlessly. However, it is common knowledge that painkillers aren’t good for health, and sadly, home remedies don’t always work. A pain relief patch can almost seem like a godsend remedy to put you out of your misery. Made from herbal ingredients, these patches offers instant relief from pain, cramps, bloating and works effectively for up to 12 hours.

Intimate Wash
Keeping your genitals clean is especially important during your period to rule out the risk of nasty infections and rashes. Apart from using an effective intimate wash like the V Wash Intimate Hygiene at least twice a day, you must also invest in some intimate wipes like the Bella Intimate Care Wet Wipes to help you stay clean down there when you are away from home. Throw in a generous amount of chocolate, coffee or herbal teas and you are ready to glide through your period, like a boss!

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