Daytime Skin Care Routines & Why You Should Have One Already

It is no rocket science anymore that having a skin care routine is crucial for glowing skin. We also know that there is no one-size-fits-all approach. Everybody’s skin is different and the skin care we follow should reflect that. However, we tend to forget one essential aspect of it; the requirement of our skin varies from day to night. While during the day we need to focus on protecting it from the exposures of sun rays, dirt, pollution and now, the constant blue rays of the computers, at night the focus should shift from protecting to nourishment. Our beauty experts dug deep to uncover the simplest daytime skin care routines that are specifically tailored for your skin type. 

Skin Type: Normal To Dry Skin
Normal skin is well balanced, neither too oily nor too dry, whereas dry skin can feel tight, rough and look dull. Ideally, your everyday routine should include good moisturisers and humectants to keep your skin hydrated.

Cream cleansers are the perfect option, since they don’t strip the skin of natural oils, and don’t make the skin feel tight. Scrubs and foaming cleansers are not recommended for this skin type.

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Neutrogena Deep Clean Foaming Cleanser

Lotus Organics divine face wash

Toning + Moisturizing: Experts at health & glow collectively term it as ‘treatment’ followed by protection. For normal to dry skin, the trick is to look for formulas that are most importantly alcohol-free, as alcohol can be extremely dry. Next, for moisturising, you need creamy formulations that infuse hydrating ingredients into your skin to quench its thirst.

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PLUM- Chamomile And White Tea Toner

AVENE- Rich Compensating Crème

Biotique Cucumber Toner

It would be a waste of time and an attempt to reverse all your hard work in the fight against pigmentation and skin damage by exposing your skin in the sun or being inconsistent with sunscreen. Make it a habit to never skip the sunscreen and find one that offers not only coverage but also hydration.

Expert Recommends:

La Shield- SPF 30 Sunscreen

Lotus SPF 30 Sunscreen

Skin Type: Combination To Oily Skin
Combination skin is the most common type of skin that is partly oily and partly dry. The T-zone (nose, forehead, and chin) is oily most of the day, sometimes clogging, while the cheeks feel dry. An oily skin type is exactly what it sounds like: excessive oil on the face creates a persistently shiny or greasy look. This skin type is particularly susceptible to acne, open pores and blackheads. The daily routine for this skin type should expel excess oil efficiently with oil-free and balancing formulas.

The perfect approach to cleansing for oily to combination skin is using a foam cleanser. They effectively do the job without drying out other parts of the face.

Expert Recommends: 

PLUM- Pore Cleansing Face Wash

Organic Harvest Oil Control Face Wash

Toning + Moisturising: The right toner for oily skin prepares the skin and allows it to absorb more active ingredients from the products you use afterwards. For moisturisation, oils and heavy creams will clog your pores. But going moisturiser-free is definitely not the answer. Instead, the best approach is using a lightweight, hydrating moisturiser.

 Expert Recommends: 

Dermafique All-Important Skin Toner

Loreal Hydrafresh Anti-Shine Gel Moisturise

Jovees Rose Water Toner

Jovees Hydra Moist+

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: never skip your sun protection! For oily to combination skin type, you’ll want to go with an oil-free lightweight SPF. 

Expert Recommends: 

Organic Harvest Sunscreen SPF 60

Finally, Lip Care
Let’s not forget that our pouts are one of our body’s most delicate skin areas. As much as you want to have a lip balm to nourish and moisturise, it’s time to upgrade your regular formula if it doesn’t have extra sun protection.

Expert Recommends

Maybelline Newyork BABY lips- SPF 16 lip balm

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