Days That Are Positive & Calm: Keeping It Glowing With Ziyad Ishaque

Yes, despite the pandemic still wracking havoc, your days can be filled with positive and calm vibes if you want. The trick is to focus on things that are in your hands.


A New Day!
Bangalore mornings these days are rather pleasant, unlike the afternoons, which give a positive vibe. I take my big mug of black coffee to the balcony and sink in the mild sunlight, breathing in the fresh air (I heard the air quality has gone up since the lockdown!). I inspect my plants if they need water or the soil bed if they have sufficient moisture. Trivial they might be, but they help me to start my day afresh. After that, I come back to the room where I and my flatmate have set up a cosy working space. 

My Tidy Workspace:
The study table is sufficiently big to accommodate my laptop, a small pot of Sansevieria, and a pen stand. I open my laptop, sign in. The room gets ample natural light that helps me to start my day calmly.  

Cats And Plants
My life revolves around these two factors now. They have become a quintessential part of me. I have made a tiny indoor garden during this lockdown, a couple of pots with plants. A liquor bottle is repurposed to host a branch of a money plant; its roots nestling and creating patterns in the water. I call this space the Positive Corner. If my cat Aki is around, I play with her or give her a belly rub. Sometimes she will be kind to let me do it, other times my hands will be decorated with her scratches.

Books And Music:
The late evenings are usually filled with some Indian classical music. Nusrat Fateh Ali Khan has been a favourite to me. His godly voice, the song lyrics and the overall arrangement of his music are keeping me sane during this tough time. If not music then books – as an introvert, they have always been my go-to shelters. I prefer fiction over non-fiction, but it mostly depends on the author or the subject of the book. One of my favourite authors is Khaled Hosseini. I am currently reading “Sapiens – A Brief History of Human Kind by Yuval Noah Harari on my kindle. 

Netflix And Chill!
Cliche, right? But yes, Netflix has been quite handy these days. After a long work-from-home day, I like to unwind my evening watching a few episodes of ‘One Day at a Time’ while eating my dinner. It is an amazing series about a Cuban immigrant family in the United States of America. I love how this family supports each other during difficult times. It is fun to watch where the humour is not crass and jokes are not made at the expense of someone’s shortcomings. 

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