How To Create Ombre Nails At Home

omber manicure

Today we bring to you this Ombre manicure. You don’t need an appointment with the nail tech to get this manicure, trust me, it’s easily doable at home.

Ombre in French is ‘faded’, and this design is a creation of a basic gradient. The process involves the gradual blending of colours of one hue or different shades together in one nail. You can get his look by following one simple rule – move from a darker shade to a lighter shade or vice-versa from the top of the nail to the tip nail.

Things you will need:
Base Polish
White Nail Polish
Dark Peach Polish
Light Peach Nail Polish
Cosmetic Sponge
Liquid Palisade/Glue
Acetone/Nail Polish Remover
Cotton Pad
Matte Nail Polish
Nail stickers ( optional)

Let’s get started:
apply base coat

Start off with a base polish to prevent your nails from staining.

white polish for base
Next, apply two coats of the lighter white nail polish. A white base helps colours pop even more. So if you want your manicure to look vibrant and bright, ensure you apply a white polish! Now apply liquid palisade or glue over the cuticle area to ease the cleaning process.

nail sponge for ombre
Take a clean cosmetic sponge, measure it on the nail and paint the ombre (dark & light peach polish) colours directly onto the sponge either horizontally. Remember to add enough nail paint, so the sponge covers your entire nail.

ombre effect

Now dab the sponge lightly over the nail. Ensure you are covering the entire surface of the nail. Repeat this step a couple of times, until the colours have blended uniformly.

ombre nails
Now peel off the glue around the nail and take a cotton pad dipped in acetone to clean the remaining polish around the nail.

nail decals
Now apply a matte top coat and seal the Mani. Let it dry completely. To pump up your manicure, even more, you can add nail stickers & your Ombre Nails are ready to be the talk of the town.