Cool Summer Skin

Cool Summer Skin


Mercury is rising. The sun has just started to warm up to scorching our skin and hair. Even 15 minutes under the sun has you panting with thirst. Not to mention the effect this heat has on the skin. It’s warm to touch, it feels taut and definitely dehydrated on one hand and on the other the pores are overactive and oozing oil. Sweat, grime, grease and dehydration all work together to create a mess of your skin. That’s summer story for you.

Soak Up Moisture

First things first, before you start taking care of your skin from the outside, make them strong from the inside, which means extreme hydration. The more you drink up water and other mineral and vitamin enriched fluids, the more your skin will be able to deal with heat and sweat’s torture. So up your fluid intake – just drink water or sip cold herb infused teas for therapeutic benefit. Try mint, watermelon, cucumber and pomegranate juices to refresh yourself internally. In fact milk has a cooling effect on our body. Try a drink of chilled milk laced with little ice water to hydrate your skin.

Cool down your skin

Summer sun is great at shaking our skin’s natural balance. So you find skin oozing oil on one part of your face and peeling or patchy skin on the other. What you need in situations like this is a customised skin care.

First of all you have to make sure that your skin feels cool from the inside and is protected with products that have cooling effect. So switch to moisturising gels and deep cleansing mud masks to restore balance. During the summer use products that have high water content rather than oil content. Use lightweight, water-based, gel products to soothe and hydrate. Cool off tired, puffy eyes with chilled eye patches and gels. They’re a God-sent on sticky, sultry nights.

Active ingredients that have a soothing effect on sun-ravaged skin include botanical extracts like green tea, white tea, peppermint, cucumber, aloe and seaweed. These ingredients keep your skin cool and prevent redness and inflammation.

Another way to soothe skin that’s been exposed to hot sun is a face mist. These not only wash off grime but also banish redness and keep your make up intact. You can stash on in your handbag for an instant freshening up. The spray also restores lost moisture to the skin.

Citrus, mint and rosewater feel especially refreshing, and lavender works best on oily or acne-prone skin (it’s a natural antibacterial). Keep one in the fridge to soothe your skin as you get back from the sun.