Common Mistakes That Stress Your Tresses

Common Mistakes That Stress Your Tresses

When it comes to makeup and skincare, the dos and don’ts are clearly defined and well ingrained in our minds. However, the same is not true of hair care regimes. There are still a lot of grey areas when it comes to the right way to care for our hair. This often leads to missteps turning into habits. Faulty air drying practices are a perfect case in point.Leaving wet, washed hair to air dry is common. After all, blow drying your hair every time you shampoo isn’t the most practical approach. However, if the hair is not allowed to dry the right way, it can instantly turn into a frizz ball and also suffer long-term damage. Here are five common air drying mistakes that can be causing some serious damage to your hair:

Giving Hair A Vigorous Rub With A Towel
Wrapping your hair in a bath towel after washing is the standard way to soak up excess water. However, rub them too vigorously and you risk breakage, damage and frizz. Instead of wrapping a towel around your head as soon as you hop out of the shower and then rubbing the dry with it, give your tresses a gentle squeeze to drain out the dripping water. Use your towel to blot and squeeze the hair rather than wringing and rubbing.

Leaving Your Hair Too Wet
One of the most common mistakes while air drying the hair is leaving them soaking wet. Thinking that your tresses will dry out on their own is a common mistake. However, excess water in the hair can make them more susceptible to breakages and result in great deal of frizz. Even if you are in a rush, it is worth investing a few extra minutes to towel dry your hair the right way till the time they are damp and not dripping wet. If your hair is susceptible to frizz, use an old t-shirt or cotton cloth to absorb the excess water.

Tying Up Wet Hair
We are all guilty of tying up a portion of our hair with a clutch, pulling it into a ponytail or even rolling it into a bun every once in a while on account of paucity of time. However, your hair is the most fragile when wet and use of hair ties, clutches lead to breakages. Besides, tying up wet hair can lead to odd kinks and twists in your hair that stay on even after the hair has dried, marring their appearance. No matter how hot or humid the weather or how pressed for time you are, resist the urge to tie up wet hair at all costs.

Going To Bed With Wet Hair
Washing your hair just before going to bed can seem like a convenient idea. Shower and hit the sack, and wake up to clean, dry tresses in the morning, thus, saving up precious minutes during the morning rush hour. Some beauty tutorials even advocate this as a great DIY trick for giving your hair a natural wavy texture. However, the delicate nature of wet hair, cotton pillowcases and repeated tossing and turning in your sleep can be quite a recipe for disaster. You will wake up to unmanageable tugs, tangles and frizz. If you must wash your hair before bed, it is best to ditch air drying and give a blow dry.

Skipping After-Shampoo Products
A big allure of air drying the hair is the naturalness of the process. However, keeping things natural does not essentially equals cutting corners. Depending on the texture of your hair, a leave-in conditioner, anti-frizz serum, volumiser or curl-enhancer is essential to bring out the best in your tresses and keep them manageable yet beautiful until the next wash. Skipping this step, can lead to a lot of knots, tangles and enhances breakages.

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