Color Correcting Concealers – A Cheat Sheet!

Color Correcting Concealers – A Cheat Sheet!

Color correcting is your best friend. Period.

If you pick out the shade that matches your skin tone perfectly, you’ll look flawless. Otherwise, you’ll end up being an art class project! To avoid such a disaster and pick the shade that helps you address your concerns, steal the following tips.

Choose Wisely

Choosing your colors wisely is the first step towards perfect color correction! If you have a pimple to cover, pick a green concealer. Maybelline Cover Stick Corrector Concealer in Green works the best.


Pink concealers are best for neutralizing the under eye circles or purplish areas of your face. Try Freedom Pro HD Conceal Kit. It works well for those who need basic concealing in general.


Yellow is the magical shade for those with Olive or tan skin. Neutrogena Healthy Skin Smoothing Stick Treatment Concealer in Correcting Yellow should be your go-to choice!


Apply Gently

Prime your face before you color correct it. To ensure that your under-eye concealer goes on smoothly, apply a hydrating cream. Don’t miss the concealer on your lashline and the inner corner of your eye. Follow with a loose sheer or pressed powder before applying the foundation that matches your skin tone. Applying the corrector on the hollow sides of your nose will help open your eyes and frame your face.

So, go on color your canvas to perfection and make your face look like it was photoshopped!