Cold Weather Body Care Routine

Cold weather body care routine

It’s getting chilly out there. You are gearing up with the creamy lotions to keep your face well moisturised, and your lips slathered in balm. But very often you forget to extend similar care to your body. As the air gets drier during the colder months, arms and legs start getting dehydrated and become flaky and sometimes itchy. Feet become ultra dry, heels cracked. So you need to care for your body the way you do your face. Here are some bath and body care balms to heal your skin:

  1. Dove Deeply Nourishing Body Wash to gently cleanse your body without stripping natural oils, and keeping skin soft.
  2. Skin Cottage Floral Fusion Body scrub to be used only twice a week to remove a layer of dead skin cells which can cause flakes to appear on your arms, legs, and back.
  3. Nivea Argan Nourish Body Lotion to keep your skin soothed and soft. Apply this oil-in-lotion formula to slightly damp skin to seal in the moisture.
  4. Scholl Cracked Heel Repair Cream to keep your feet free from cracks and dryness.