Coccoon: An All New Skin Care Brand We Are Excited About

Coccoon: An All New Skin Care Brand We Are Excited About

In a market brimming over with established brands and myriad options, making a mark can be quite a challenge. Yet, every once in a while, comes a brand that takes the market by storm. With its effective skincare solutions that deliver on the promise of quick and long-term results. One such name to look out for right now is Coccoon. Catering to the growing demand for all-natural, skincare solutions, Coccoon offers a carefully curated range of products. Made completely from natural ingredients, free from parabens and harmful chemicals.

If you haven’t already, here are five Coccoon products you must try to give your skin the protection, care and pampering it deserves:

Coccoon Protective Radiance Cream
This tinted moisturizer with CC, BB and Sun Protection and anti-ageing properties of Kakadu Plum is a multi-faceted product that takes care of all your skin’s needs, considerably reducing the time invested in your daily skin care regime without compromising on the results. The cream is designed to provide deep hydration, mask imperfections and leave you with a dewy glow and flawless finish.

Coccoon Hydrating Night Serum
This light but potent serum taps in on the virtues of Vitamin C to give you younger, more radiant skin day after day. The intense repair serum infused with Kakadu Plum extracts boasts of a rich antioxidant composition. It helps in dramatically reducing wrinkles, fine lines and other signs of ageing leaving you with a brightened skin tone and supple appearance.

Coccoon InstaLift Wrinkle Filler with Vitamin A
Wrinkles are one of the most stubborn signs of skin ageing that refuse to fade away even with the most extensive skincare. The Coccoon Instant Wrinkle Filler infused with Vitamin A is a dream product for anyone grappling with wrinkles. As it travels deep inside the skin layers and works by instantly concealing the wrinkles. The product is almost magical, as you can see a visible difference in your skin’s smoothness in just 30 seconds. Just like a photo filter!

Coccoon Renewing Under Eye Cream
The delicate under eye skin is the often the first to bear the brunt of skin ageing, which is reflected in form of dark circles, puffiness and crow’s feet. The Coccoon Renewing Under Eye Cream made with a combination of two exotic green and red algae sourced from Ouessant Islands of France addresses these concerns and shows visible results in no time. The cucumber extract and grapeseed in the cream help keep the under eye area nourished and hydrated.

Coccoon Purifying Face Cleanser
A deep cleansing solution is the first step towards holistic skincare. The Coccoon Purifying Face Cleanser made with extracts of neem and white tea offers the right kind of deep cleansing. It removes dirt and impurities from the skin pores, leaving it refreshed, clean and acne-free. The anti-oxidants in white tea also help in brightening the skin texture and lending it an even tone.

With natural ingredients sourced from around the world, Coccoon skincare range is a piece of aspirational luxury for anyone conscious of the type of products they use on their skin as well as hair. To incorporate the complete range of Coccoon products in your regimen, you must also try the Coccoon Repairing Night Cream with Kakadu Plum, Shea Butter & Vitamins, Coccoon Refreshing Face Mist with White Tea & Jasmine, Coccoon Protective Hair Serum with Argan Oil & Vitamin E, Coccoon Nourishing Hair Mask with Olive Oil, Green Tea & Apple, Coccoon Enriching Hair Mask with Coconut & Honey, Coccoon Polishing Hair Mist with Green Tea & Apple and the Coccoon Man Active 4 In 1 Wash with Cassia Bark & Kiwi for the metrosexual urban men.

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