Clean Up Your Beauty Routine

Clean beauty includes products that are free of toxic chemicals and ingredients. These toxic ingredients find their way into several steps of beauty regimes and are not only harmful to our health but also to the planet. Today, a large number of health and beauty enthusiasts are becoming more aware of the composition of products they apply to their skin and hair. In response, there is now a huge array of products that are made of non-toxic, natural, and vegan ingredients to suit everyone’s needs. Clean beauty ingredients vary from brand to brand as well as across countries. When you buy a clean beauty product from Health and Glow, you can be assured that it is free of parabens, sulphates, phthalates, and mineral oil.

If you are curious about the world of clean beauty but are confused as to where to begin the switch, read on to know our best picks for clean beauty products in every category and why you should use them.

No Nasties Skin Care
Since skin care gets directly absorbed into your skin, it is essential that you take a look at the ingredient lists of the products you use every day. Mineral oils and talc are still commonly found in many products despite being known carcinogens. Other questionable ingredients may cause irritation and dryness in your skin. 

Apart from the obvious benefit of steering clear from highly toxic chemicals and irritants, clean skin care offers a host of benefits. Many clean beauty products also make use of natural active ingredients that are less likely to cause allergies and irritation, especially to sensitive skin.

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No Nasties Sunscreens
Sunscreens are one of the most infamous skin care products when it comes to the presence of harmful chemicals. Recently, sunscreens from several top brands have come under the scanner for the presence of harmful chemicals that may cause cancer or disrupt hormonal balance. It is recommended that SPF be applied every two hours which increases the frequency of exposure to these chemicals. In this case, using a clean sunscreen can give you equivalent sun protection while reducing exposure to chemicals.

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No Nasties Hair Care 
The effects of harmful chemicals in hair care vary but affect a huge scale. Some of the most common chemicals in hair care are sulphates and parabens. While sulphates are not particularly detrimental to your health, they can strip away hair health and moisture. They can also cause scalp irritation in some people. On the other hand, there is extensive research that shows parabens can disrupt the hormonal balance in your body, leading to severe side effects after long periods of usage.

Clean hair care is free of harsh chemicals that may be making your hair frizzy and hard to manage. Also, if you suffer from scalp irritation and related problems like itching and dandruff, the use of natural anti-inflammatory products may ease your scalp issues.

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No Nasties Makeup 
Since make-up is applied to your skin daily, you must once again be aware of the ingredients that you may be absorbing. One of the most common culprits of irritation and allergies from makeup is fragrances. If you have particularly irritable skin, it may be best to skip fragrance in makeup altogether. Other toxic agents found in makeup are lead particularly in lipsticks, and phthalates—especially in colour cosmetics, both of which are shown to have highly harmful effects on human health.

Clean make-up can help you avoid toxic exposure near the eyes, nose, and mouth. Apart from that, it can reduce adverse allergic reactions and irritation due to chemicals. Now, all ranges of colours and formulations are available with clean ingredients for makeup enthusiasts.

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