How to choose the best lipstick shade for your skin tone

If you are anything like me, then shopping for the lipstick is almost a quest when you are totally focused on finding that one right shade, maybe two or three. I tend to swipe one colour after another on my wrist to try and find a shade I love. Despite all that swiping, and puckering in front of the makeover mirror at the counter, I do have a clutch of lipsticks that are sitting untouched in my beauty dresser because they have somehow made my skin look sallow when I tried them on back at home. So what is it take to find the right colour ?

Vidya Tikari, one of the well-known makeup experts in India says that the bright lights in the stores can affect how the colour looks on you. Her advice is you swipe few shades on your wrist and go out in the natural light to know how each shade actually looks. “Most Indian women have yellow undertone, and those with dusky to dark skin tend to have golden or olive undertone. So, most of us can easily wear bright warm earthy lip colours. There are women who are very fair with light eyes, and hair colour they often have pink or red undertone. They look great in cool pastel colours and those lipsticks that have little blue undertone,” explains Tikari.


Here’s Our Lip Colour Shade Guide to Simplify Your Hunt!


If You are Bronzed Like Lisa Haydon…


You have a warm undertone – which means you tend to tan easily and your skin has
a golden or olive hue when under yellow light. Earthy colours look great on you and so do deep jewel tones. Gold and bronze metals suit your look.

When choosing your lipstick look for a bit of brown or orange tint to the colour. Creamy textured lipsticks look good on you.

If you are Olive Toned Like Diana Penty…

Tikari says that this skin tone looks good in almost all the colours from the brightest shades to the sheer pastels. Both silver and gold also look good on you

Colours with little gold flecks in them bring out complexion even more. Creamy mattes, and glossy textures look good on you.

If You Have a Fair Complexion Like Alia Bhatt…

You have that wonderful neutral complexion with yellow undertone. It’s what we call the peaches and cream complexion. You look good in pale gold, peaches and sheer reddish pinks.

Shimmery and glossy textured lipsticks look perfect on you.

If You are Very Fair Like Kalki Keochlin…

You are most likely to have a red undertone so that your complexion tends appears pink when flushed. You are prone to tanning under the sun.

Pastels, soft pinks and colours with a hint of blue look good on you. Tikari advices that you avoid lipsticks with frosty finish. Very pale gold, and pinkish reds complement your colour. You can try sheer textured lipsticks when you want to go subtle. Bright matte lip colours look beautiful.