H&G exclusive, Chamyliion All-In-1 Lip Pen

Ever walked into a cosmetic store and stared at the multitudes of lip colours wondering how you could own each and every one of them? Or ever felt that no lip colour gives you the exact shade that you’ve always wanted? Have you hoped that only if you could own just one lip colour that works well with any piece of clothing you wear? Well then, you’re about to get the surprise of your life. Your dreams finally take wings with the Chamyliion Colour Changing All-In-1 Lip Pen, exclusively available at Health & Glow.

What It Is
The Chamyliion lip pen is everything that your lips need. Packed into one amazing product, the lip pen is a lip balm, lip liner, lipstick, and a lip gloss. The product comes in an easy to use pack with a gel base, and a texture setting – colour detecting applicator pen. The Pen is laden with four modes – Set Texture, Detect Colour, Transfer Colour, and Dispense. The pen helps set the texture of the gel into a lip balm, lipstick, lip liner, or lip gloss, as per your choice. Its colour detecting feature helps you pick the colour from an object of your choice, and lets you transfer it onto the gel, creating a lip colour of your choice.

Chamyliion All-In-One Lip PenHow To Use
Take a small amount of the clear lip gel. Unscrew the felt tip and fill the gel into the container placed inside the pen. Screw the tip back onto the pen. Select the ‘Set Texture’ mode to set the consistency of the lip colour you want – liner, balm, lipstick, or gloss. Press the ‘Start’ button and wait for 2-3 minutes, as the gel inside gets transformed into a product texture of your choice. Next, set the mode to ‘Colour Detector’ and place the felt tip on the surface whose colour you would like to transfer onto your lips. Press ‘Start’ and wait for 5 seconds as the pen analyses the hue and stores it in its memory.  Set the mode to ‘Transfer Colour’ and press ‘Start’. The device automatically stops once the desired colour is achieved. Now change to mode to ‘Dispense’ and press ‘Start’ again. Apply the lip colour on your lips. Voila! And you’re ready to go!

Product Benefits
Chamayliion is infused with patented nanoparticles that are capable of detecting the moisture levels on your lips hence ensure your lips don’t dry out anytime. It is a product that is easy to carry around and fits effortlessly into your vanity bag. So if you need to do a touch-up anytime, just pull out your lip colour pen and get ready in a stroke. When you find a product whose colour you would like to replicate, just take out your detector pen and place it on the surface of the object & voila you have your own custom-made colour. The colour combinations that are possible with this product are endless. So the next time you want to flaunt a Royal Blue shade that matches your gown or Lime Yellow that complements your saree, you know what to do!

 So why wait? Hurry & grab your Chamyliion Colour Changing All-In-1 Lip Pen at Health & Glow today!
Available at just Rs. 3,999!

P.S. We wish this product was a reality, but Happy April Fool’s Day! Do let us know if there were any other products you wish existed, in the comments section below.