Celebrity Street Style Grooming Trends

celebrity street style grooming

From reel to real, these trendsetting men show us the coolest looks to sport for summer.

Celebrity style and street style often go hand-in- hand. You are more likely to try out a new hairdo or grooming style if you spot it on a star. These A-listers show us that being trendy isn’t just reserved for the movies – it can extend to your everyday look too. Cool, urban and laid-back, here’s how you can give yourself a 2016 makeover.

STYLE ICON: Kunal Kapoor 
Man bun

kunal- kapoor Hair Style
GET IT: Nothing says rockstar like the man bun. The messier the better is the rule of thumb to follow. But in case you have a slight case of OCD then opt for a neatly-braided one as seen on Kapoor.

USE: Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising Spray, Rs.1050
Toni & Guy Casual Sea Salt Texturising spray

Check out this video from The Beauty Wand by Kay on how to get different variations of the look.


STYLE ICON: David Beckham
LOOK: Hipster beard

David Beckham Hair Style
GET IT: The best version of it yet is the neatly trimmed and grown-up one that Beckham has been sporting (apparently it’s all because his wife instead he grown one out). Board meeting, bar crawls or that double chin thanks to too much summer barbecuing – your one-stop-shop for a new look.

USE: Philips Qt4000 beard trimmer, Rs 1,395
Philips Qt4000 beard trimmer

This viral video from the The Gentlemans Cove will help you get that Beckham look


STYLE ICON: Arjun Kapoor
Faux hawk

Arjun kapoor Hair Style
GET IT: Not to be mistaken with anything remotely Eighties, this 2016 version is closely-cut and gives you a modern edge. Best part is that it suits all face types and really easy to style.

USE: Gatsby Loose Spikes styling wax, Rs 180/75 gms.
Gatsby Loose Spikes styling wax

Pro men’s grooming vlogger Diydan Lopez shows you how to style your faux hawk


LOOK: Trimmed chest

GET IT: No one’s asking you to go all Salman Khan on us. And while chest hair can be extremely macho, personal hygiene is way bigger turn-on. Keep that chest hair trimmed and neat if you’re planning to spend your summer on a crowded beach. Trust us, it’s more of a public service request.

USE: Bare Essentials Mp16 safety scissors, Rs 130.
Bare Essentials Mp16 safety scissors