Celeb Beauty Rituals & Hacks To Swear By

Celeb Beauty Rituals & Hacks To Swear By

Celebrities make for the ideal icons for reasons that go beyond their talent and body of work. Their flawless appearances, radiant skin, bouncy hair, and point-on style, are aspirational for millions of fans and followers. Their ethereal looks are often attributed as the handiwork of some of the best professionals in the beauty industry. And these celebs often have a few secret beauty hacks up their sleeve to accentuate their beauty quotient. We dug up seven such surprisingly simple celebrity beauty hacks and rituals that you can include in your daily routine:

Anushka Sharma
One of the most iconic faces of present-day Indian cinema, Anushka Sharma swears by the importance of detoxifying her skin. To keep it healthy and radiant, the 30-year-old actor turns to a tried-and-tested beauty secret – neem face packs. Anushka follows this beauty ritual religiously and often endorses it as a go-to solution for all your skin problems.

Madhuri Dixit
The dhak-dhak girl has ruled the hearts of the Indian cine-goers for decades now, and her infectious charm only gets better with time. Madhuri relies on some of the basic skincare rituals to retain her ageless appeal. She swears by the effectiveness of a good serum, which she uses twice a day after thoroughly cleansing her face, and never skips her daily dose of night cream.

Another timeless beauty who doesn’t let age catch up with her, Rekha keeps her skin healthy and young with regular spa and aromatherapy treatments.

Katrina Kaif
Katrina Kaif has made her way to the audiences’ hearts with her drop-dead-gorgeous looks, and her baby skin is a big part of that appeal. She relies on a concoction of beauty oils and mud packs to keep problems at bay and retain the flawless texture of her skin.

American pop sensation Beyonce has ruled hearts for her fans as much as for her looks. We’ve been watching her in limelight for almost two decades now and she doesn’t seem to have aged a day. The secret to her supple, youthful skin is that she uses eye cream as a face cream, since it is more delicate in its composition and absorbs into the skin better.

Kim Kardashian
The queen of reality TV, Kim Kardashian is constantly giving her follower beauty goals. By her own admission, she has some effective beauty hacks that help her look a million bucks always. One such go-to hack is slathering her body with a generous amount of body oil before work out to keep her skin firm and prevent wrinkles. She also relies on a hemorrhoid cream to keep her under eye area bright and youthful. According to her, these creams are designed to restrict blood vessels and possess anti-inflammatory qualities. That help tighten the delicate under-eye skin and reduce the risk of wrinkles.

Emma Watson
This young star’s transformation into a stunning beauty pretty much unfolded in public gaze. She has a quick hack that you’ll be thankful to have stumbled upon. Emma swears by the efficiency of using foundation dabbed onto a cotton ball for correcting a mistake with mascara or eyeliner, as the foundation helps remove it and conceal the black residue at the same time.

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