How to Care For Your Hair In Summer

summer hair

The mercury is ever on the rise, and it’s totally understandable when you goad lotions, creams, face packs, and everything that you can lay your hands on for sun protection. But, wait! Did you just forget that it isn’t just the skin but also your lovely locks that need to be guarded against the harsh rays? Exactly why we’re here to give you some quick tips on how to protect your hair and keep them happy during summer.

Give styling a break
Remember how much you loved summer vacations? Well, your hair too deserves to be happy and carefree this season, and this is best done by putting your styling tools away. Hot irons, curlers, tongs, and even hair colour can worsen your hair, which is already fighting its battle with the hot sun. So, it’s best that you break up with them for a while and style your hair the natural way.

Wash often, but not every day
The sweat, dirt, and grime that pile up on the scalp can quickly turn into a hotbed of infections if you don’t cleanse your hair and scalp regularly. Having said that, it’s also a bad idea to wash your hair every day as it can strip your scalp of the natural oils. The solution – wash your hair every alternate day with a shampoo suited for your scalp and hair type. You could also bank on dry shampoos as quick fixes when you’re continuously on the move or have little time.
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Nourish and condition regularly
Dryness, frizz, and split ends are all common sight in summers.  The best way to deal with these troubles is by conditioning your hair every time you shampoo it. A hot oil massage too can work wonders on lifeless locks by adding luster and vitality.
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Air dry your strands
Not just styling tools, even hair dryers need a break in summer. Blow or blast drying your hair after every wash only adds fuel to burning fire. Instead, let it dry naturally for a soft and healthy feel.

Let your locks breathe
Agreed – the scorching sun wants you to tuck up your hair into a pony or bun every time you step out, but did you know that tight and dense hairdos can actually prevent the sweat from drying up quickly? Unless you want a sticky, slimy feel every time you run your hands through your locks, it’s best that you let them breathe with softer, open hairdos.

Cover up
The best way to guard your hair against the sweltering sun is by covering it with a scarf or hat. Not only do these protect your hair from the harsh rays, but they also reduce the damage caused by winds and prevent dust from piling up on the hair bed.

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