Must Have Supplements To Build Muscle Mass

muscle mass

Are you stuck with a slim, wiry figure, and think that adding a little muscle mass wouldn’t be such a bad idea? Have all those hours at the gym with a trainer failed to give your muscles definition? Then you need that little extra boost with special protein supplements.

So why do you need special protein supplements? Simply because it helps you drop body fat, keeps you full longer, adds to the energy levels, and kick starts the muscle mass building process from inside. Proteins are amino acids which are the basis of all our organs, muscles and the entire structure. Some of this is synthesised by our body from the foods that we eat, but often that is not enough to give that extra boost to the natural muscle growth.

So here are some special forms of protein that not only help you maintain your optimum weight but also add to your muscle mass.

Egg protein:
It is one of the best and the easiest ways to add protein to your diet. In fact, egg albumin has one of the best quality proteins to meet the daily protein needs. It is also ideal for those allergic to milk or soy proteins. Egg albumin has leucine, which medical research has shown to help in faster muscle synthesis. In fact having an egg white daily will increase your lean body mass in a big way. In fact, if you are looking to lose body fat fast, then egg protein is just the right thing for you.

Whey protein:
Whey is extracted from milk when it is made into cheese – it is the watery layer that comes out during the making process. This whey is known to have the highest concentration of protein that is easily absorbed by the body. This is excessively rich in amino acid that is needed to repair muscle tissues. Research proves that whey is the best protein source that stimulates muscle protein synthesis. In fact, whey is broken down and absorbed by the body faster than any other form of protein. For best results take a whey protein shake either 15 minutes before your workout or 30 minutes after your workout. You will be able to build muscle mass faster.

Soy Protein:
Soy protein contains high amount of amino acids and is good for muscle repair. Being plant-based it also has antioxidants which are good for over health. Soy protein is good for building lean muscle and is ideal for those men who do not want to bulk up with excessive muscles. It is also good for men who need protein supplements but cannot digest dairy products or have lactose intolerance.

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