Bubble Bath Day: Soak Up The Little Joys Of Life

A cold winter’s morning, a tub brimming over with warm water and foamy bubbles on top or even a drizzle of your favourite shower gel on a soft loofah and a hot shower – few things are as tempting as this. To honour this everyday ritual that embodies self-love and pampering, January 8 is celebrated as the Bubble Bath Day. It’s the perfect excuse to draw a nice bath and enjoy an extended spell of ‘me time’ to make up for all those missed chances. We recommend a glass of wine and these cutesy accompaniments to get the most of it:

Yves Rocher Bourbon Vanilla Shower Gel
The aroma of bourbon vanilla filling up the bath is hands-down the most sensual experience you can indulge in. We guarantee you’d step out rejuvenated and slightly intoxicated. The use of organic aloe vera makes it a product your skin will be happy with too.

PureSense Grapefruit Body Cleansing Gel
If the soft, soothing aroma of vanilla is not your taste, try the scintillating scent of grapefruit instead. This PureSense shower gel is infused with real grapefruit extracts to cleanse and nourish the skin while titillating the senses.

Elle Avacado Shaped Bath Sponge
Add more charm to the experience with an adorable avocado-shaped bath sponge. This soft sponge by Elle has been designed to remove dead cells, dirt and impurities from the skin, leaving it supple and soft.

Gubb USA Bath And Body Massager
Take your ritual of self-care and pampering a notch higher with this soft-bristled massager that instantly stimulates the skin cells and relaxes the muscles, leaving you fully refreshed.

Disposable Shower Cap
A good fitting, waterproof shower cap is a must to make your bath a truly carefree experience. No having to worry about your hair getting all messed up or your styling going bad as you soak up your hot, comforting bath.

Wild Ideas Hand Made Soap Sweet Orange
For those of you who are minimalistic in their self-care regimens, this hand-made soap infused with ylang-ylang and exuding an irresistible sweet orange smell makes the perfect fit.

So switch off from all the daily chores, go off-grid and give yourself that much-needed luxury of pampering yourself this Bubble Bath Day.

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