We Bring To You Premium Skin Care From Germany

Malu Wilz is a leading German skincare brand that forayed into the Indian market in October last year. With 30 years of expertise, the brand offers skin care with a unique blend of active ingredients and traditional methods. This premium skincare range is built on innovative dermatological research that has led to the creation of exclusive skin care concepts. From adolescents to men and women, the skincare range offers an extensive solution to every need.

Having established their presence in the metros and big cities through six exclusive stores, the leading skincare brand has ventured into the online space in India recently. Health & Glow, has been among the chosen few for this collaboration. While each one of their products is specially crafted for different skin needs, we bring you products that need to be part of your skincare regime.

Malu Wilz Gentle Cleansing Foam
Striking the fine balance between cleansing the face and not drying it out, the Malu Wilz Gentle Cleansing Foam infused with jojoba is a gentle yet effective formula for ridding your skin of all impurities without impacting its texture and softness.

Malu Wilz Hyaluronic Active+ Soft Cream
The unique product enriched with hyaluronic acid performs the dual task of nourishing and rejuvenating the skin. The Malu Wilz Hyaluronic Active+ Soft Cream not only provides instant deep nourishment but the presence of elastin acid helps improve the skin’s structure. Besides, macadamia nut oil helps in protecting the skin from everyday damage.

Malu Wilz Hyper Sensitive Repair Cream
Anyone with a sensitive skin knows what a pain it is to find a skin care solution that doesn’t do more harm than good. The Malu Wilz Hyper Sensitive Repair Cream is a godsend solution for sensitive skin. Made from balloon vine extract, Echium and sunflower oils, it is a hydrating cream that nourishes the skin and soothes neurogenic inflammations, while aiding the process of skin cell regeneration to give it a smooth finish.

Malu Wilz Energy Complex Concentrate
This offering taps into the inherent skin benefits of vitamin C and packs it in the form a nourishing cream that revitalises the skin almost instantly and reduces dullness. The Malu Wilz Energy Complex Concentrate also helps in enhancing the collagen production and microcirculation to the skin to help with the repair and rejuvenation process.

Malu Wilz Regeneration Caviar Gold Concentrate
Made from exotic ingredients like caviar and real gold particles, the Malu Wilz Regeneration Caviar Gold Concentrate is designed to combat dryness by offering deep nourishment to the skin and reduce wrinkles. With its long-lasting moisturising qualities, this facial concentrate also helps in improving skin tone with regular use.

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