Bright Summer Water Decal Nails!

Summer has begun and the scorching heat has taken over. The wilted trees are blooming back to life, the bright sun has set in with its usual severity, luring you to head over to your closest hill station or the nearest beach!

Summer for me is beautiful sunsets, beaches, and mangoes, yum! Summer brings with it bright colours and today’s manicure is literally the sun at your fingertips. Read on to find out how to get a Bright Summer Ready manicure with this easy-to-do water decal technique.

To create this look, you need will need:
Bright orange polish
Bright pink polish
White polish
Water decals ( of your choice)
Top coat
A cup of water
Cotton pad

Let’s get started:




Start off by applying a base coat, this will prevent staining of your nails. Once dry, paint your thumb and second finger with an orange nail polish, the pinky finger with a pink nail paint and the middle and ring finger with a white nail polish.


Now once the polish has dried off, select the water decal of your choice and cut the decal to fit the nail. Ensure the size of the decal matches the size of your nail bed.


Take some room temperature water in a small bowl and soak the decal in it for about 15 to 20 seconds. Make sure you remove the thin film over the decal first. Soak the water decal till it separates from the paper base.
Now take the decal out and place it over the cotton pad and let it dry for about 1 or 2 seconds and then place the decal over the nail and firmly press on the nail.


Now using a sharp object like a toothpick or an orange stick, slowly scrape off the excess decal.


Use a nail buffer to slowly file the excess decal off.  Repeat the same for another nail and clean any mess with nail polish remover


Apply a topcoat to seal the Mani and we are summer ready!


Enjoy your summer and don’t forget to flaunt these beauties on your upcoming vacation. Do share your mani’s with us by tagging us using #healthandglow. We would love to see your creations!