Body Lotion vs. Body Butter – What’s Better for your Skin?

Until a while ago, you probably always turned to a body lotion or a cream for moisturising needs, and then came the much-talked-about body butters. The most evident difference among these two moisturising products is their consistency or viscosity. A body lotion is free-flowing while a body butter is thicker, much like the butter that we smear on our food. But beyond the obvious, what makes these two different from each other? We clear the air with some quick details.

What they contain
Body lotions are usually made with a water-based formula. This makes their consistency light and sheer, and hence can be applied onto the skin easily. Body butters, on the other hand, have very little or no water. They contain not just moisturisers, but also oils or fatty acids derived from plant sources.

How they work
Body lotions get absorbed into the skin pretty quickly and moisturise it directly. Body butters, with their thick formula, form a protective barrier, seal in the moisture, and prevent its loss from your skin. Body butters also tend to provide longer-lasting moisturisation than lotions.

When to use them
Body lotions are best used when your skin needs lightweight moisture. This makes them an ideal pick for use in summers. Body butters provide more intense nourishment and hence are best used in dry seasons, especially during winter when the climate and environmental aggressors rob your skin of its natural moisture.

How to use them
Body lotions can be used almost any time of the day, whenever your skin needs nourishment. This is because they are absorbed easily, and do not usually leave a film on your skin. Body butters, on the other hand, are best used immediately after a bath or shower. They get absorbed more easily into damp skin and leave a thin film that acts as a protective barrier.

What’s better for your skin
A lot of people assume that a body butter is a better choice than a lotion or vice versa, but this isn’t always true. What’s best for your skin is actually decided by your skin type. Lotions can be used by people with all skin types. Being lightweight and non-greasy, they are also the ideal moisturisers for those with oily or acne-prone skin. Body butters work beautifully on extremely dry, rough or parched skin. They provide intense nourishment and make your skin soft and supple. However, they may be greasy and can cause breakouts, so it’s best that you do not use them on oily skin or acne-prone areas.

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