Bio Oil – Does It Really Work?

Bio Oil

What is it: A multitasking oil that treats scars, stretch marks, fine lines, uneven skin tone, on your face and body.

What it has: It is a blend of plant extracts and vitamins in an oil base. It has PureCellin Oil, which gives Bio Oil a light texture that is easily absorbed by the epidermis and delivers the potent actives into the lower layers of the skin. The formulation contains essential oils of calendula, lavender, and rosemary along with vitamins A & E in a base of soya and sunflower oil.

What we say: After about a week of regular application our body skin felt softer. Fine lines looked less prominent on our face. It also reduced the appearance of uneven skin tone. The oil is non-greasy and gets easily absorbed into the skin. It went on very smoothly on our slightly damp skin, and it felt soothed instantly. It prevented our very dry skin from flaking and kept the skin moisturised and glowing through the day. It left a mild floral fragrance on our skin.

Price: 450.