Binge-Watch For Beauty Inspiration!

Whether it’s working from home, eating out at your rooftop or meeting up with friends on House Party, 2020 seems to be a never-ending staycation at home. Even the binge-watch list seems to be stale. The thrillers, the rom-coms and the K-dramas – surely, you must have watched quite a few of them twice by now, haven’t you? We get the gist. Therefore, here we are, with a handful of beauty inspirations that you can make use of. The good thing is they all are from the wonderful series you can binge-watch. Talk about killing two birds with one stone!

Good Old Visual Treats
We cannot imagine spending a weekend without watching something on either Netflix or Prime. Therefore, it is not an easy task to find out the best 4 that will suit your taste as well as will inspire you to look beyond your regular beauty or makeup tutorials. But we’ve done the job for you. So, get your bowl of popcorn and read on.

Glow: ‘80s Calling & You Must Answer
All that glitter is Glow! Just to break the monopoly of grim, let’s perm and glitter. From aqua eyeliners to red lips, appear bold and beautiful on the video calls with your friends.

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Queer Eye: Grooming Tips You’ll Cherish All Your Life
No other series is more apt than this at this very moment. When Jonathan Van Ness advises you to create “little pockets of joy” you should listen. The makeover show is not about before and after. Rather it emphasizes on building important self-care and beauty habits that will stay with you forever. We’re all for it.

3 Tips JVN Swears By (Therefore, You Should Too):

  1. DIY scrubs
  2. Switch to sulphate-free shampoos
  3. Be yourself to be confident

The Chilling Adventure Of Sabrina: And How To Get Ready For Fall
Lips that bleed browns and berries, eyes that look heavy with eyeliners, can spell magic. If you are feeling adventurous, die your hair white or blond. Anything is legit to keep yourself busy and happy during this time.

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Pose: If Drama Is Your Middle Name
This ballroom culture series is a celebration of non-conformity. It showcases the Afro-American and Latino LGBTQ+ communities and their lives full of romance, HIV/AIDS epidemic, so on and so forth. And it does it with high-octane extravaganza, from its spectacular sets to its decadent makeup. Sure, the makeup is not for everyday looks. But hey, who’s going to judge you for putting up a tad bit more colour on your face? Not us!

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