The Best Result-Oriented Masks For Your Hair Type

hair mask

Want all the goodness of oil without the fuss of taking hours to shampoo it off? Say hello to your new best friend – the hair mask. And why not, they shave off hours of your time, aren’t greasy and most importantly you don’t have to sit around wearing your old t-shirt till you wash your locks. Wondering how to use a mask? Think of it as a face mask but for your hair. And, the good news – you can DIY it if you don’t feel like blowing your cash at the salon.

After washing your mane, while it is still damp apply from your roots to your ends. Then cover it with a shower cap to help activate the product. For a spa-like session, try it with a friend – give each other a soothing scalp massage while the product is in your hair. Take a large towel and soak it in super hot water, give it a squeeze and wrap it around your hair like a turban so the steam allows the mask to penetrate deep into the scalp. After 15 minutes, rinse off with cold water.

But not all hair masks are created equal. You need something that specifically targets your hair type, to give you optimum results. We zeroed in on the best hair masks for you based on your hair type.

If you have coloured hair:
Coloured hair is already damaged a bit due to the excessive chemical use, and after shelling out all that moolah, you would require that colour to last forever and look brilliant right? So to ensure it stays healthy and colourful use the  Schwarzkopf  Gliss Ultimate Color Protect Mask. It contains UV filters and liquid keratin that will help reconstruct your hair.

If you suffer from hair loss:
Shedding hair? You’re not alone. Women tend to shed quite a bit of hair when stressed, post-partum or anemic. Combat this by choosing a herbal remedy like Himalaya Wellness Anti Hair Loss Cream. It contains extracts of the butea gum tree, which promotes hair regeneration and increase hair density.

For curly hair:
Curly hair tends to be extremely dry and coarse. To give your curls a much-needed hydration boost that makes them as luscious as Kangana Ranaut ’s, just apply Organix’s Argan Oil Morocco Creamy Butter.  Argan oil is known to tame frizz while hydrating the mane at the same time. You can also use it as a leave-in conditioner.

For dandruff-prone hair:
Those pesky white flakes can cause much embarrassment.  While you might be using a medicated shampoo, it doesn’t mean your mane should shy away from some TLC.  The Organix Harvest mask reduces enhanced cell renewal to the normal level – in plain simple English it means it prevents the forming of new flakes, so you can too flaunt your locks!

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