10 Beauty Bloggers You’ve Gotta Follow On Insta

The beauty industry is blowing up and thanks to a handful of beauty mavens, getting a quick how-to and learning about new makeup trends is as easy as ever.

Finding a pro to follow with an Indian skin tone was once impossible, but now brown beauties are taking over! Here we pick out the top 10 beauty bloggers you gotta follow on Insta!

1. Kaushal Beauty is a very popular UK based influencer. She has a great mix of everyday makeup tutorials for Indian skin tones and she does excellent tutorials for festive makeup! Make sure you have a lot of time because you will get lost in the mesmerising videos!

Happy Sunday, bunday 😘 P.S – that’s @kyliecosmetics Kristen on my lips 💄

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2. Mr Jovita George is not a mister at all, it’s just a YouTube glitch and she went with it! That’s what you get with Jovita; she is funny, quirky, and talented! She does an array of tutorials from everyday makeup tutorials to Friday night party looks. Also, her cat, which is featured in many of her videos, is just too cute!

3. Shruti Arjun Anand strongly believes that makeup should make you look & feel good! She decided to start her channel after she noticed there wasn’t enough information for Indian skin tones. She also does videos in Hindi, which is extremely helpful!

Today’s look 😍 Do you want a tutorial for this look??

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4. Ankita Chaturvedi went from engineering at ITT to beauty blogging. Her channel and blog posts not only give great trendy tutorials and product reviews, but they also give some pretty awesome insights into what it’s like moving to a foreign country.

5. Himani Wright is into natural beauty and talks about keeping your mind, body & soul healthy and happy. She does a lot of DIY and gives great advice on eating healthy and introducing all-natural ingredients in your everyday diet!

6. Komal describes herself as a professional YouTuber, a vocalist, a blogger and an unapologetic feminist. She is super fun and makes putting on makeup look easy. Based in Delhi she has an array of posts ranging from makeup to singing lessons to shopping too!

7. Irene Khan is a glamorous Bengali beauty who writes about beauty, travel and being a mommy. A hot one at that! She is the go-to girl if you wanna go a little over the top with your makeup and fashion.

8. Dusky beauty Deepica Mutyala left her full-time job to pursue her vlogging hobby, which turned into a full-time career. Deepica now appears on the Today Show in the States and gives great tips and tricks for darker skin tones.

9. Rari runs a very successful blogging site and uses brands that are native to India. She is your go-to gal for traditional makeup for any festivities.

10. Farah Dhukai – If you love natural skin care, then you are totally going to be obsessed with the queen of DIY – Farah Dhukai. She is a Toronto based Youtuber with over a million subscribers. If you want to learn how to lighten your dark lips or grow your eyebrows fast, she’s got you covered!

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