The Beauty In Your Stars: Horoscope 2020

Wondering what’s in store for you this year? We take a look into the future and present the beauty horoscope for 2020 according to your zodiac signs. Check out what our beauty horoscope holds for you.

You’re competitive, courageous and share your star sign with the likes of Lady Gaga and Sarah Jessica Parker. It’s an unblemished fact that your stars will never let you be boring with beauty. So, accept every trend that drops this year with open arms and a moisturised face. Don’t forget to ram in some of your own creativity to keep your one-of-a-kind vibe alive. 

Your patience qualifies you for the most elaborate beauty routines out there. Be it the 10-step Korean skin care routine or the 14-step, you’re up for that challenge. Direct this perseverance to establish a year-long no-bullshit beauty regime. Forge ties with ethically manufactured, clean products to keep that facial kingdom breakout-free all year.

If you find yourself booking appointments for snail facials or snake massages in the coming months, don’t think you’re going cuckoo—it’s written all over your stars. Your curiosity will call the shots, and shoot up your beauty costs this year. But don’t freak out, indulgence will give you a glow brighter than those neon-signs in dim-lit pubs. 

Water baby, include that love for H2O in your diet too, and surf the tides of 2020 with a hydrated face. Remember to wash and condition that head full of wavy hair thereafter. Your love for all things dewy will propel you to explore everything from hydrating serums to water sleeping masks in the upcoming days. Don’t fight destiny; go with this flow mermaid.

Nobody knows the definition of ‘LIT’ better than you. Your collaboration with vogue started the second you hit this planet and this year you’ll only scale newer heights. Every beauty trend will keep you awake at night until you find that shot-in-the-right-light YouTube video which claims to help you ape it in lead than 10 minutes.

There’s no questioning your beauty cred as you share your star-sign with superstars like Beyoncé and Blake Lively. You’re blessed with an aura that can pull off anything. So, experiment every day this year. Don’t question your choices. Paint your face like a Snapchat filter one day, dye your hair peek a boo; run amok; you’re a unicorn in the land of ponies (also phonies).

Every time Kim K updates her Insta this year, you’ll be hit by FOMO. But Libra, just bitch about it and get it out of your system. Your only takeaway from Kim’s Gram should be—how to stay unaffected by happenings of this world. Spread happiness in this climate-changing planet by doing things differently—like dyeing your eyelashes red or aubergine. 

Though the stars are clueless about which aspect of beauty will catch your fancy this year, they know one thing for sure—you’ll stay smitten with one for a very very long time (about 6 months). Nothing will part you from this obsession unless Doomsday finally makes an appearance. So, choose wisely Scorpio, you know how people get ‘sick of the same’ these days.

You’re strapped tight on the beauty roller coaster this year. You’ll see yourself playing Miley in the mornings and Hannah Montana in the nights. Oh we can already see your beauty kit begging for space. Powder up and partay Sagittarian! There’ll be plenty of good discounts to save you from overshooting your budget.

Practicality is your beauty mantra for 2020, very much in sync with your no-nonsense personality. We see you distancing yourself from trend reports and focusing only on the classics this year. This will play a significant role in the bigger picture—while you’re busy channeling your Chanel, numerous middle-aged women in Patiala like towns will herald you as their new role model. 

Be ready to surprise yourself because you are planning a crazy haircut this year. Your stars are all pointing towards eccentricity. We see a buzz cut with pineapple checks all over, or a blonde Mohawk in the distance. Your edginess will woo everyone around you and you’ll probably see yourself in the ads of a local salon soon. 

You’re sick of the stuff on beauty-store shelves that are super thirsty for new. Your search will lead you to explore products like aluminium-free deodorants, lip masks, isabgol, ceramide capsules etc in 2020. This research is likely to yield results in the form of flawless skin and shiny hair. Just remember to check for allergens before you go mentally experimental.

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