Essential Beauty Oils For The Body

Beauty Oils for the Body

Gleaming arms and legs look lovely especially when you get that from a nice body massage with oil.  But most of us shy away from body oils because of the greasy feeling, and fear of staining your clothes. The next generation body oils are different – they get easily absorbed and have skin-boosting actives like vitamins A & E, cocoa butter, carrot etc. The best bit is that they can also be used on the face without leaving it oily. Great to use when your skin is feeling extra dry and dull. Apply post bath on slightly wet face and body. We like:

  1. Bio Oil which has vitamin A derivative for skin regeneration.
  2. Palmer’s Skin Therapy Oil with pure cocoa butter extracts for soothing chapped skin.
  3. Mannequin’s Vitamin E Oil with pure vitamin E to repair damaged skin.
  4. Biotique Bio Carrot Seed Anti-Ageing After Bath Oil for protecting skin from sun and pollutants.