Beauty Must-Have Tools for Every Woman

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There’s no doubt you need the right foundation and makeup colours to get a look, but you can’t truly get the look if your application is not right. The makeup experts we spoke to, all say the same thing: You get the best out of your makeup products, when you use the right brushes, sponges, and tools to apply them.

“When you use a brush or a sponge to apply makeup base, you have lot more control over the amount of product you want on your skin. It is easier to build-up colour intensity when you use a brush to put on your eye shadow or blush or lipstick. You get a better and precise finish with a tool,” explains celebrity makeup expert and stylist Ojas Rajani.

While you might like to finger paint your face, but if you are trying to put on that sheer, long lasting makeup that flatters you, then picking up that makeup brush is your best bet. You agree; then again how do you choose the right ones as there are so many types out there – and you don’t need all of them.

So we got Rajani to list down seven most important makeup tools you need to have with you in your beauty box at all times. Here they are:

Tool of the trade# 1: Triangle foundation sponge


A foundation sponge is really easy to use, and helps in controlling how much foundation you want on your face. Take a little foundation on a damp sponge and then apply on your skin with short downward strokes. The finish is sheer, but you can easily build upon it. The angular shape helps you in reaching the contours around your nose and eyes.

Apply with: Colorbar Foundation Sponge Wheel, Rs.325

Tool of the trade# 2: Fluffy powder brush

Health & Glow Large Powder Brush

A powder brush is a must-have tool in every makeup box. You need this to set your foundation with the translucent powder. You can also swirl this fluffy brush on your compact and smooth out your complexion without making it look dry or cakey. This is also perfect to get that all over glow with your bronzer.

Apply with: Health & Glow Large Powder Brush,Rs.275

Tool of the trade# 3: Angled blush brush

Colorbar Chic Cheeks Contouring Brush
You can be the queen of contouring with this brush. The slanted bristles let create cheekbones where there isn’t any. You can get a chiselled jaw line if you so desire. But if you use it straight on the apple of your cheeks with a little blush, you get those soft feminine cheeks.

Apply with: Colorbar Chic Cheeks Contouring Brush, Rs.475

Tool of the trade# 4: Eyelash curler

Health & Glow Eyelash Curler

This is a life saver for ladies with straight lashes. A little press with this tool and you get nicely curled lashes that open up your eyes. You can go solo, or enhance your curled lashes with a coat or two of mascara.

Apply with: Health & Glow Eyelash Curler, Rs.120 

Tool of the trade# 5: Angled shadow brush

Health & Glow EV 07 Angular Eye Shadow Blender Brush

You need this to create that contoured eye makeup look. You can use this brush to create that perfect flick with your gel or liquid liner. Dip in your gel liner, hold it at an angel and then apply along your lash line. You get that perfect equal flicks on both sides. Dip this little damp brush in your favourite eye shadow and apply along your upper and lower lash liner to get a diffused cat’s eye look.

Apply with: Health & Glow EV 07 Angular Eye Shadow Blender Brush, Rs.90

Tool of the trade# 6: Shadow Blending Brush

Colorbar Emphaseyes Eye Blending Brush
This domed brush with short, soft bristles allows you to apply eye shadow on your lids. You can either get a soft wash of colour, or blend two or more shadows for a dramatic effect. You can also use this to blend in highlighter on your brow bones, and cheekbones.

Apply with: Colorbar Emphaseyes Eye Blending Brush, Rs.250

Tool of the trade# 7: Brow groomer

Health & Glow EV _ 09 Brow Groomer

Well set, groomed brows can instantly transform your look even if you are low on the makeup quotient. So keep a brow groomer handy to brush your brow upward and tame it into shape even if you have missed you eyebrow-makeover session. Give depth to your sparse brows by dipping the brush into a brown eye shadow and lightly brushing your brows with an upward stroke.

Apply with: Health & Glow EV – 09 Brow Groomer, Rs.80