Beauty Inspirations To Celebrate Pride Year-Round

Although the fight for equality and honest representation in terms of inclusive beauty continues, the progress we have achieved in accepting personal style regardless of identity is worth celebrating. Thanks to the LGBTQ+ influencers and queer icons who have and continue to push the boundaries.

From Jonathan Van Ness’s hair care lessons and beauty advice to Indya Moore’s ethereal red carpet looks, there is so much one can learn and try. Because they are not only beauty lessons or tips, but also great lessons on expressing oneself without fearing the societal norms. They give honest and intimate stories of what it’s like to be a fearless gender-fluid personality, emphasising the necessity of acceptance! Continue reading!

Indya Moore
Indya Moore epitomises elegance. Every one of her red carpet looks is so effortlessly stunning that it’s difficult not to be impressed by the Pose star’s elegant sense of style. They never fail to impress, whether they are sporting a natural fresh-faced appearance, a dramatic eye and lip combo, some gold grills, or a trendsetting hairdo.

Ingrid Nilsen
Waking up with a giant zit on your face can be taxing. But take a look at what Instagram star Ingrid Nilsen has to say about her relationship with her skin and how she doesn’t give a damn about what society thinks about “good” versus “bad” skin. Her message is sure a major win for the acne positivity movement! 

Laverne Cox
One of the most interesting parts of Orange Is the New Black actress Laverne Cox’s style and beauty is that it’s so specific to her. Whether she’s sporting wild eye makeup during ESSENCE Black Women In Hollywood Awards or gold foil eye embellishments at The American Music Awards, each look is utterly unique and portrays her individuality. Here’s some inspiration on how she’d pulled it off and we couldn’t help but take notes.

Jonathan Van Ness
If you’ve watched the new seasons of Queer Eye on Netflix or Game of Thrones, you’re either familiar with or in love with Jonathan Van Ness, the Fab 5’s resident grooming expert. Throughout Queer Eye’s three seasons, the celebrity shared a lot of amazing beauty and hair tips, and we couldn’t help but share some important hair secrets. Time to give your hair some reboot with these 3 simple pieces of advice from the star. Here you go!

  1. Avoid overwashing your hair, wash only twice a week
  2. Ditch any product that contains sulphates or parabens as they strip your hair of its natural oils
  3. Using silk pillowcases can help you maintain your hair long and healthy

Incorporating these 3 simple tips in your hair care regime can keep your mane a head above the rest! 

Ziggy Mack Johnson
Ziggy Mack Johnson, the lead stylist and creative director of Buffalo, London, recognised that makeup can make him and others feel beautiful and powerful, irrespective of their gender or sexual orientation. He shares the message that everyone can choose a look that suits them. “It doesn’t just have to be highlight or contour; you can still dominate the world with dark eyeliner,” he says. 

There are zillions of makeup artists, influencers to follow on social media, but what about trans and non-binary icons? What about artists who are making the world a better place one great post at a time? It’s time we recognize and support them, now and in the future. After all, inclusiveness, representation, and equality are becoming as prevalent in the beauty community as pretty and feminine used to be. Happy Pride! 

Last but not the least, let us not forget legends who paved the path and had been major influencers in its true meaning. The ‘60s and ‘70s were decades when the world witnessed the rise of androgynous fashion, thanks to legendary musicians such as Elvis Presley, David Bowie, Rolling Stone and many others. These powerful rockstars repeatedly sported heavy makeup, outfits inspired by women’s fashion, on-stage and off-stage, and thus, helped establish the idea of “effeminate men ”. Who can forget Ziggy Stardust, David Bowie’s stage alter ego who was Bowie’s way of portraying his sexual ambiguity? What all these legends tried to tell us and is trying to tell us is that it is okay to be who we are, and it is only then we bloom to our fullest potential. The beauty of being oneself is blinding, and we should all take pride in who we are.   

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