Beauty Buys For Every Mom

Motherhood is no bed of roses and it is only right that we dedicate at least one day to the superwoman in our lives.

Dear Moms, as you celebrate Mother’s Day, don’t forget to give yourself a pat on the back and indulge in a few extra gifts. We think beauty buys would be a perfect choice and because all mommies love different beauty products, we’ve made a list for every kind. So, go ahead, see where you fit in and fill your gift box with all things that make you feel special.

The Skin Care Freak Mom
Telltale signs:
You know that the skin is a reflection of your health. Exactly why you go all the way to keep it looking fresh and radiant. Morning or night, at home or on a vacation, you never skip your skincare routine. Cleansers, toners, serums, day and night creams, face mists, sheet masks – name it and your stash has it.

What you need:
Juggling all those tasks at home and work can take a toll on your skin, often causing it to age quickly. The Kaya Youth O2 Oxy-Infusion range is just perfect for you.

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The Hair Care Addict Mom
Telltale signs:
You’re probably someone who can’t keep track of how many compliments you’ve received for your lush tresses. But little do these folks know about the upkeep that goes into keeping them soft and shiny, right? For you, hair care is much more than a routine task. It’s a beauty ritual that you follow so diligently that nothing gets in the way of your hair’s beauty and bounty. 

What goes into the kit:

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The Makeup Fanatic Mom
Telltale signs:
Your vanity bag resembles that of a makeup artist’s. You can frequently be found trying out lip colours at makeup counters or browsing through new launches and product reviews. Be it to work, a kitty party with friends or a romantic date with your partners, you love to put your best-looking self forward.

Your makeup collection can do with a few multitaskers:

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The Fragrance Hoarder Mom
You have a refined taste for all things fragrance. You give your man a tough competition – even the finest collection of liquor in his mini bar is no match for the glistening bottles of EDPs and EDTs lined up majestically in your cupboard. Dressing up is never complete without a spritz of a tantalising concoction on your pulse points.

You’ll love a coffret with:

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