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Beards have always remained a raging style trend for men. Over the years, the beard trends have seen a clear shift from goatees and scruffs to longer, fuller ones. The trend has evolved as rage on social media and off it. And growing one can definitely help you score with the ladies. However, the decision to grow a beard is one that requires long-term commitment and patience. You need to sit tight while you wait for the beard to grow out. You need to care for it the right way so that it makes the intended style statement. Here are a few grooming tips to make sure your crop of facial hair yields the right results:

Resist The Urge To Trim
That is the basic golden rule for growing a beard. You have to put up with the unruly mess that your facial hair may seem like for at least four to six weeks when you first start growing a beard. It is crucial that you resist the urge to trim in this initial growth phase. And allow the hair to grow out evenly because when you style it, you have the right length and thickness to work with. Incorporate The Man Company Beard Oil Argan & Geranium when you have a hard time growing it, the oil helps in growing a lush and a manageable beard.

Pick A Style That Complements Your Face Shape
If you are a beginner, visiting a good salon to get your beard styled for the first time may be a good idea. A professional can help you pick out the right length, shape, and style to complement the shape of your face. If a salon visit does not resonate with you, invest time in researching different beard styles for different face shapes.

Wash Your Beard Regularly
Slathering on some of your soap bar or shower gel on your beard may be convenient but it is certainly not the right way to go, as skin and hair have different needs, products made for one may not work well for another. Incorporate a beard wash like The Man Company Beard Wash Argan & Geranium into your bathing essentials and wash your beard at least once a day to keep it soft, shiny and frizz-free.

Trim The Right Way
Once your beard has grown, it’s important to trim it from time to time. The first step toward adopting the right trimming regime is to invest in a good beard trimmer like the Syska UltraTrim Gold Beard Trimmer instead of making do with different attachments of a shaver lying around or a pair of scissors. You must also watch a few tutorials to learn the right trimming techniques to suit your beard style.

Train Thy Beard
Having learned how to love thy beard, you now need to learn how to train it. Start with giving it a daily rundown with a wide-tooth comb or a beard brush before stepping out. Make your facial hair flow in the right direction. Doing so consistently will also help in training them to grow downward instead of popping out in different directions. Round of this step with a mild coat of beard wax to rein in any flyways and give your beard a more sculpted finish.

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