Be A Bronze Goddess

Be a Bronze Goddess

A subtle glint of metal on your skin is ultra glam. Give this season’s no makeup, makeup look a little gleam and shine, welcome the bronzer to your makeup palette.

While girly pink cheeks remain hot through summer but for a more grown up, sensual appeal, the sun kissed shine is the way to go. How best to achieve this? The bronzer, a wonder makeup product. One of the best reasons for using bronzer is that it helps you hide flaws very easily. The light reflecting particles in the powder gives the illusion of an even complexion.

The bronzers out there are not just bronze in colour, but you have different shades of the metal including copper and antique gold. They are lighter and smoother in texture so you are able to build a natural looking sheen. Makeup artists recommend using the bronzers with a light hand

Love the bronzer 

For most of us Indian women, using bronzers means darkening our skins – which is a strict no-no right?

Not right. Globally, smooth olive-toned complexion is celebrated. Check the beauty goddesses in Hollywood, and now even our Bollywood babes are taking to the pigment. Think Aishwarya Rai, Katrina Kaif, Kareena Kapoor. They are pretty fair, yet love to strobe their skin with a bronzer to give their complexion some dimension.

Even the popular catwalk models in India are self-proclaimed users of this magic powder. The glistening skins of these beauties are a result of the strategic application of bronzers. They stick not just to the face but use bronzers to highlight their arms, legs, cleavage, and shoulders.

In fact, for the girl in a hurry bronzer is the perfect product to hide the complexion flaws, especially if you don’t have time to layer on concealers and foundations. It makes a dull tan or discoloured skin look fabulously healthy. You can give instant glamour to your overall look without too much effort. It is just the question of a dab of a bronzing cream here and swiping of a bronzing powder there. Just be careful to glow in the right places.

Bronze and not gold

Most of us Indian women have a penchant for using too much gold in our makeup. True gold looks better on our fair-skinned sisters. For our yellow-toned skin and darker complexions powders with bronze or copper tint actually do the trick.

 When buying your bronzer look for powders that have a satiny finish. Since this gives a very subtle shimmer that can be built up. Pick up a loose powder formula as it is ideal for all over body use. Cream based bronzers or bronzing oils are good to mix with your regular lotion to make your own tinted body lotion.

 At the beauty counter before picking up the shade, check your actual skin tone to decide which shade of bronze is the right bronze for you. If you have yellow undertones in your skin then opt for shimmery light bronze or antique gold tint. If your skin has red undertones then go for tawny, amber or copper tones.

Working with your bronzer

There are various ways to work the bronzer to your advantage. First, you need to invest in two application brushes – one fluffy powder brush, and one contouring brush.

For an all over glow, sweep the brush lightly over the powder, tap off extra from the brush and then apply with a light swirling motion over your cheeks, forehead, and chin. This gives you more control over your makeup. For a more structured look use the contouring brush to put colour under your cheekbones, jaw line, and the temples. Blend with the powder brush.

You can use bronzers not just to highlight your face but also to add some shimmer to your arms, legs, clavicle, cleavage, and shoulders.