Ban Bacteria, Highlight Hygiene!

Ban Bacteria, Highlight Hygiene!

Just think. Every time we touch our faces without washing our hands, we’re transferring dust, grime, and germs from our hands to our skin – regularly. So then just imagine – every time we apply makeup, we add to the build-up of bacteria on our skin. And we end up with conditions like acne and allergies, among others. So what should we do?

It’s all in the touch
That’s right. We touch a faucet, or a door knob, or a cab door handle. Then we touch our faces. And then, we powder our faces using a compact and powder puff. The next day, we wash our face, moisturize it and then powder it using the same powder puff we used the day before, transferring all the dirt back on to our clean skin. The moral of the story? Always wash your hands before touching your face. And wash the powder puff regularly – at least once a week. Always keep it free of oil, grime, and germs.

Apply the applicator
We use different applicators for applying different types of makeup. Small flat brushes for eye shadow; wide flat brushes for blushers; thin, pointed brushes for eye liners; mascara brushes; shading brushes; and more. Remember, every time we touch up our makeup and return the applicator to its case, we’re basically leaving dirt and bacteria on it, which then gets transferred back onto our skin when we re-use the applicator. So always remember to clean all applicators regularly with anti-bacterial soap and water.

Be generous – don’t share
Be kind to yourself and your friends. Do not share makeup and applicators. Avoid contaminating someone else’s makeup, and avoid using contaminated makeup and applicators. Your friends will thank you for it. And so will your skin.

Don’t put testers to the test
Every time you try on some makeup in a store, do remember that someone else used the same testers. You don’t know who, or what germs they may have carried. Avoid those testers. Avoid bacteria. These are some of the precautions you need to take to keep your skin germ-free.