5 Annoying Reasons Why You’re Losing Your Hair

hair fall

Our hair can be correctly termed as our crowning glory. In fact, we Indians take great pride in our luscious thick, black locks. “Hair fall is a natural occurrence which happens to everyone. We lose 80-100 strands of hair daily, which is the natural life cycle of hair.” But, she adds, “There are external conditions which can aggravate this,” reveals Natasha Nagaemwala of Nalini & Yasmin Salons.

Causes of hair fall:
Stressed about your next appraisal?  That could be affecting your hair. Hormones like cortisol and epinephrine interfere with your hair, causing them not to grow. Take a deep breath and read on.

Low Iron:
If you have low hemoglobin or iron levels, that could be a cause of your hair fall. So if you’re frequently cleaning up your brush – try a blood test. Up your intake of green leafy vegetables like spinach and take iron, folic acid and vitamin C supplements on the recommendation of your doctor to stimulate your RBC count and to improve the strength of your scalp.

Having a baby:
During pregnancy, hair becomes voluminous and glossy. However, post delivery it is another story. The amount of hair you shed could easily make you think you’re going bald – the main cause of this is decreasing estrogen levels. Don’t worry it is temporary and will last for 3-4 months.

Weight loss or new diet:
When you lose weight suddenly, it’s like a shock for your body – extreme diets are notorious for putting your body into starvation mode resulting in loss of hair.  Low-carb and keto diets might also be culprits! A balanced diet is important for healthy luscious hair.

Can you prevent hair fall?
Yes! The easiest way of keeping your hair healthy is by leading a positive lifestyle! “Drink lots of water. Eat healthy food especially the ones that are rich in vitamin E, B12, and Iron. Avoid smoking. Practice yoga to relax, as stress is one of the leading causes of excessive hair fall. Following these tips will definitely help delay the process of hair fall,” explains Shailesh Moolya, Technical Director of Juice Hair Salons.

Our favourite de-stress tip? Indulge in a keratin or argan oil hair spa!  Matalyn Khareichon, Salon Art Director, A’Kreations Hair & Beyond says, “The harsh winter weather make your scalp and hair dry which is why its prone to breakage.” She recommends olive, coconut or almond oil massages that nourish your scalp with vitamins and fatty acids. “Use a protein shampoo to strengthen your roots this season,” she adds.

Wondering what products to pick, here are our beauty editor’s top 5 picks: