A little Bit Of Mud Never Hurt Anybody

Going back to nature is often the best solution to our problems. When it comes to skincare, mud packs are one such tried-and-tested solutions. They help brighten the complexion, fight pimples and cleanse skin pores. We all remember our grandmothers and mothers using the multani mitti or fuller’s earth packs as their go-to skincare solution. With the focus of skincare regimes shifting to all-natural solutions, mud packs and masks are all the rage once again.

To mark the occasion of Mud Pack Day, observed on September 30, we bring you a rundown on some of the best mud-based masks and packs to include in your regime:

Sea Mineral Facial Mud Mask
This pure, all-natural facial mud mask by SeeSee Dead Sea boasts of a mineral-rich composition that helps in lending your facial skin a fresh, smooth and bright finish. Infused with rare minerals, essential oils, plant extracts and goodness of Dead Sea mud, the Seesee Dead Sea Mineral Facial Pure Mud Mask helps in removing dirt, excess oil and impurities, while exfoliating the skin to get rid of dead skin cells and give you a radiant, healthy glow. This mud mask is suitable for all skin types, most effective for addressing problems like oiliness and dull complexion.

Rejuvenating Mud Facial Mask
The deep-cleansing Beauty Formulas Rejuvenating Glorious Mud Facial Mask is made with 100 per cent pure clay to effectively remove excess oil and dirt from the skin surface as well as the pores. The mask helps in absorbing impurities, removes dead skin cells and unclogs pores. In short, it gives you a tightened, youthful skin with a softer, smoother finish and a healthy glow. Sans wrinkles and fine lines in just 15 minutes.

Rosemary & Sandal Mud Pack
This mud pack leverages the benefits of two magical beauty ingredients that have been used to enhance youthfulness since the ancient times – rosemary and sandal. The Botanic Rosemary & Sandal Mud Pack has a soothing quality that not only helps in enhancing the skin’s texture but also prevents premature skin aging. While rosemary helps correcting skin problems like blemishes, sandal protects the skin from damage due to pollution.

Oil Clear Mud Face Pack
Himalaya is one of the most trusted names in the realm of herbal, all-natural skincare products. Himalaya Oil Clear Mud Face Pack rejuvenating face pack is designed to specifically cater to the requirements of combination and oily skin types. Natural ingredients such as mineral clay, walnuts, khus grass and fuller’s earth in cleansing dirt and combating oil build up. Fuller’s earth or Multani mitti helps in deep-cleansing the pores and lightening sun-tanned skin. Mineral clay restores the skin’s pH balance and improves blood circulation. Similarly, khus grass helps in cooling and toning the skin. Walnut extracts work to exfoliate the skin and protect it from damage by free radicals.

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