A Letter To Our Titanium Members

Glow Rewards

Dear customer,

As a Glow Rewards Titanium member, you are eligible for several benefits such as special discounts on your birthday, 20% points on a purchase as compared to 10% for non-Titanium members and never-expiring points. Also, if you spend Rs. 50,000 in a calendar year or if you retain your Titanium membership for three years in a row, you will be accorded the Glow Titanium status for life regardless of future purchases.

In order to ensure that we deliver all these benefits seamlessly, we require some details.

Tap here to update your details.

We hope you’ve enjoyed being part of Glow Rewards, Health & Glow’s exclusive loyalty program. The conception of Glow Rewards stemmed from our desire to make your every visit to Health & Glow, be it our store, app or website, all the more worthwhile. We hope you derived some value from this program this past year and would love to hear your feedback so that we can keep improving the program in the time to come.

You may login with your registered mobile number at www.healthandglow.com or on our app to check your Glow Rewards account status at any time.

Please reach out to our customer care at 1800 3000 8866 or care@healthandglow.in in case you want to share some feedback or just say hello.

Keep Glowing!

Happy Shopping
Team Health &Glow

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