A Dash Of Colour To Nail Your Holi Look

Spring is knocking on our doors, and what better way to celebrate this advent of vibrant colours and warmers days than painting the town red with gulaal. As you gear up to smear and splash colour on your loved ones and top up the celebration with mouth-watering thandai and gujiya and groovy moves, spare some thought to your Holi look for the year. Just because things get messy later on, doesn’t mean you can’t show up all dressed up for the occasion. In fact, a dash of colour – be it a bright red on the lips or a touch of blue on the eyes – can add a delightful tinge to the festive cheer. Here’s our pick of the top products you should be eyeing to nail your look for this festival of colours: 

Plump ‘Em Lips
Let your lips be the centre of attraction with these vibrant colour choices: 

Dark Plum
A deep berry colour will stand out among the rainbow hues of Holi. The long-stay effect will keep it intact even with all the jostling and smearing. 

Coral Pink
Nothing says fresh and vibrant like a hint of coral pink on the lips. This richly pigmented lip colour will plump up your lips instantly and stay on through the course of celebrations.

Red Hot
Red is hot and always on point, no matter the occasion. Accentuate your lips with a smear of this beetroot red lipstick for a standout Holi look.

Cheeky Glow
Accentuated cheekbones can add more depth and nuance to even the most minimalistic Holi look.

Peachy Nude
A nude peachy blush that adds a subtle tinge to your face is perfect for day time wear.

Double Radiance
A dual-tone blush with coral pink juxtaposed with neutral beige gives you an exotic, radiant look.

Shimmery Delight
A shimmery finish with a peach base is what should look out for if you have a multi-dimensional, glowing look in mind.

Eyes that Talk
The right palette for the eyes can instantly elevate your Holi look several notches:

Dramatic Nude
A diverse colour palette in dramatic nude hues is just what you need to create a subtle but noticeable effect on the eyes.

Majolica Blue
A tinge of blue on the eyes is a chic, contemporary choice you can rarely go wrong with. This sculpting pencil eye shadow does the job of creating a soft smokey effect to the eyes.

 Champagne Glitz
A unique shade with a blend of champagne overtones and a glitzy finish, this crayon eyeshadow creates a dramatic effect in tune with the festive Holi spirit.

With less than a week to go, NOW is the time to settle on a look that works for you and load up that cart to make sure you have everything you’re going to need to create it. 

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