Why Are Eyebrow Shapes So Important?

eyebrow shapes feature

Well, if you have the right eyebrows, it can instantly brighten your face and make you look more younger. So if you want to cut down those years without doing much, then keep reading!

The best trick to finding the right brow shape for you face is to first identify your face shape and then decide which feature you would want to highlight. But to make your life a little easier, we have a chart that breaks down the perfect eyebrow shape for different face shapes. So identify your perfect brow shape and head to the salon and cut down those extra years immediately.

square face eyebrow shape

Square Face
For most of the women who have a square face, the ideal goal is to soften the appearance so soft round brows would help you achieve this.

long face eyebrow shape

Long Face
If you a face that never ends, ensure you have brows that are extended a little. This kind of a shape helps creates a horizontal illusion, ensuring your face doesn’t too long.

Heart shape face eyebrows

Heart Shaped Face
To balance the small chin and the jaw line, heart shaped face people need to have tight eyebrows that are elongated towards the end.

oval face shape eyebrows

Oval Face
To maintain a proportioned face, it’s crucial for all oval face shaped people to don a very balanced eyebrow, where the arch isn’t too angular and the ends aren’ too thin they are just right!

Chart images credit:makeuptutorials.com