8 Grooming Hacks to Improve Your Life

Always want to look your best, but don’t have the time? Worry not, your grooming routine just got better and your wallet a lot more lighter. Here are 8 hacks that will help you look your best with the least of effort!

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Save Your Shave
– Guys tend to leave their razor anywhere, which includes face down on the sink. Moisture and bacteria will make your blade dull and could cause skin irritation or infection. Store your razor face up in a dry place. Run your razor against denim to get 2-3 more uses out of it.

Optimized-2. Body Odour
Body Odour is real – We sweat the moment we leave our houses and along with that comes the unmistakable stench of last night’s anda curry. Spray deodorant (not cologne or body mist) on your underarms before getting ready, this will give the deodorant some time to set and it will close your sweat pores.

Optimized-3. Bad Breath
Banish Bad Breath – Have you ever caught a whiff of bad breath while talking to someone and it makes you want to keel over and die? Dental hygiene, i.e. brushing, flossing and using mouthwash, will contribute to healthy teeth and healthy gums. Always have a stick of gum on hand, eat a lemon after a particularly garlicky meal or keep a spare toothbrush around the office.

Optimized-4. UseWhatYouHave
Use What You Have – If you find yourself out of shaving cream, grab some conditioner instead. Using the conditioner will not only make your hair feel smoother and softer, but it will also give you a smoother shave.

Optimized-5. Frizzy Hair

Frizzy Hair – Women aren’t the only ones who deal with frizzy hair due to humidity. If you find your strands going haywire, dab on some hand cream or coconut oil and tame your mane. It also works great on beards too.

Optimized-6. Vaseline

Vaseline to the rescue – Everyone should have some Vaseline in hand, it helps with a plethora of things. For example, shoes can wreak havoc to your feet, making them dry and flaky; rub some Vaseline before going to bed for smooth skin, or use it on your skin before you spray cologne to make the scent last longer.

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Need a haircut? – Save time and money in-between haircuts by parting your hair on the opposite side you usually would. Side parts give the appearance of a new look without you having to cut an inch.

Optimized-8. OliveOil

Olive Oil Not Q-Tips – Q-tips aren’t made for exploring your inner ear, it can actually cause harm to your eardrum. Instead, use 1-2 drops of Olive oil to clean your ears. Olive oil will loosen the earwax, forcing it to fall out on its own.