Eid Inspired Nail Art

Eid nail design

As the holy month of Ramadan comes to an end, everyone around the world is gathered to celebrate Eid. While most of us wait to get a glimpse of the beautiful Crescent Moon, I am trying to bring it a little early on my nails to officially start the celebrations!

Things you will need:
Base polish (Green is definitely going to stain your nails)
Green Nail Polish
Silver Glitter Polish
Silver  rhinestones ( small)
Silver hexagonal chips
Green rhinestones
Rhinestone picker or an old eyeliner
Top Coat

Let’s get started:

white & green nail paint

Apply a coat of base coat onto your nails and let it dry. Now apply two coats of Green polish across all the four nails. Use the silver glitter nail polish for your accent nail.

nail art eid
To create a Crescent, you need some silver rhinestones and a tiny gold star chip. Begin by applying the top coat and let it air dry a little. Now start creating a half circle with the rhinestones. Use a rhinestones picker to pick the stones up. Once the Crescent is complete add a star right in the middle.

Eid nail design
To create the flower, use the same technique. Apply some top coat and let it half-dry. Once dried, arrange the hexes in a star-shaped flower. Finish the flower by adding a green rhinestone in the middle.

eid nails

To perk up the pinky finger, apply some top coat and line the cuticle area with some rhinestones. Seal the design with a top coat.

Eid nail art
Set all your designs in by sealing everything with a top coat & voila your Eid nails are done!

Spread love, sweets, and laughter and may peace transcend the Earth.
Eid Mubarak everyone!