7 surprising beauty hacks you can try at home with Vaseline

Vaseline surprising beauty hacks

There’s a reason some beauty products just become iconic through generations. While it occupies the back seat on most medicine cabinets, the humble jar of petroleum jelly is truly a magical potion. It’s been around for 150 years for a reason. Apart from the expected use on chapped dry lips and burns, it can be used for some amazing time saving and budget beauty tricks.

Highlight Cheek Bones

Highlight Cheekbones

Illuminators are all rage but the simplest route to give your skin a natural shine is through Vaseline. This trick is used at fashion shows by dozens of makeup artists; now you know why models have that glossy sheen. Just add a little Vaseline and delicately apply it along your cheekbone to give your face a radiant gloss that will last all day. Remember to use it as a finisher, the last thing you apply after your contouring, foundation and blush.

Remove Make-up and Lashes

Run out of makeup remover? All of us have at some point or the other. Instead of panicking, try rubbing on Vaseline on your lash line to remove traces of lash glue, tough eyeliner and mascara. You can also easily remove traces of matte lipsticks with the jelly and a cotton pad. Remember to cleanse your face thoroughly with a face wash once all your makeup has dissolved to ensure no pores get blocked.

Remove make-up and lashes

Prevent Hair Dye From Running

Prevent hair dye from running

Stop hair color from bleeding onto your forehead, ears and neck when you’re doing an at-home dye. Generously smudge Vaseline along your hairline, on your forehead, nape of your neck and behind your ears. It acts as a protective barrier and will prevent any unwanted stains from being absorbed into the skin and will help prevent that slight sensitive tingling.

Use it as a Foot Cream

Soothe dry cracked heels overnight with a slathering of Vaseline. Once you’ve exfoliated and cleaned your feet, dab on a ton of Vaseline all over your heels. Immediately wear breathable cotton socks to ensure it gets completely absorbed into dry skin while you sleep.

Use it as a foot cream

Keep Perfume from Fading

Keep perfume from fading

Rub Vaseline on your wrists, neck and behind your ears to make your perfume last longer.Vaseline is an occlusive so it will stop your skin absorbing perfume – making it last longer on its waxy surface.

Get Thicker Lashes

Use a clear mascara wand and brush on a layer of Vaseline before you apply your dark mascara. It will help lengthen and give them a thicker look. If you’re wearing a dark lipstick and want a simple clean eye, then you can also use Vaseline as clear mascara. Simple!

Turn Matte Lipstick to Gloss

 new Turn matte lipstick to gloss

Here’s our favourite budget beauty trick. Apply two coats of your matte lipstick, dab lips between a tissue to remove any excess colour and apply one more coat. Then as a finishing touch, with a lipstick brush apply Vaseline on the centre on your lips. It will give your lips a glossy finish and also plump them up visually.