7 Must Try Graphic Eyeliners

graphic eyeliner

A swipe of kajal on your waterline, a neat stroke of eyeliner on your upper lash line, and some mascara on your lashes – eye makeup for most of you is as simple as this. However, for some others, it’s a lot bolder with vivid shapes, colours, and experiments with whatever can grab the onlookers’ eyeballs. For those who love drama on the eyes, here are the season’s hottest eye makeup trends that you cannot afford to miss – GRAPHIC EYELINERS. With geometric lines, extended tails, and bold colours, this trend lets you get as creative as you can be.

We picked some must-try graphic eyeliners for you, so here they are!

kitty cat eyelinerPhoto credit: beautydepartment.com

Cat Eye Double
The cat eye style is one of the most dramatic of the lot, and this graphic liner takes it up one notch by doubling it. The outer corner of the eye has a tail that extends upward and outward, while the inner corner has a tail that extends downward. Achieve the look using Faces Ultimate Pro Super Eyeliner Black.

double winged eyelinerPhoto credit:www.instagram.com/penelopeobeso

Split Wings
The winged eyeliner is a favourite with many as it blends well with everyday styles. For those who love this classic look and want to experiment while playing it safe, here is a style to try. The regular wing that extends from the outer corner gets a pretty companion that extends out halfway from the upper lash line. Lakme Absolute Gloss Artist Eye Liner is just what you need to achieve this look on your eyelids.

coloured winged eyelinerPhoto credit: https://www.instagram.com/_claudiayvette

Coloured Cat Eyes
The basic cat eye style is fairly simple to create on your eyelids. This graphic liner draws inspiration from it and takes it a step further by using a coloured liner in place of the black one. Opt for bold and shades like Electra, Jaded, or Glowing Sapphire from the Colorbar Iglide Eye Pencil collection to create this head-turning graphic look.

two-toned winged liner                                         Photo credit: http://uniquehairstyles.tumblr.com/post/139681221181

Two Toned
Heading to a party? Here’s one quick and easy eyeliner to try. The two-tone look is about pairing eyeliners of two different colours to bring about a stunning look. You could either use black in combination with a contrasting shade of white, or team up two bright colours together. Try it out using Lakme Absolute Shine Line Eye Liner.

bold eyeliner                                                 Photo credit: www.herinterest.com/makeup-tips-for-olive-skin-tone/

Bold Wings
For those who love to give their eyes a daring look, the bold wings style is a must-try. When lining your eyes, use neat and thick strokes in place of thin ones to achieve this style. Make the bold wings your own with Maybelline Lasting Drama Gel Eye Liner.
negative space liner                                                                 Photo credit: www.bestbeautycosmetics.com
 Negative Space
Wings with negative space are yet another hot trend among graphic eyeliners. A curved stroke over the crease joins the winged tip of the eyeliner, leaving your eyelid exposed in between. Master this precision driven style with ease with the Colorbar Ultimate Eye Liner.

rainbow eyeliner                                                                Photo credit: www.bowsandcurtseys.com

 Colour Blocked Wings
This graphic eyeliner isn’t one for the faint-hearted and rests well in the hands of a pro. It begins in the same fashion as the wings with negative space but goes on to fill it up with a bright colour that knocks anyone out. Add some hue with Chambor Dazzle Eye Liner Pencil collection.

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