The 7 Emotional Stages of a Haircut

It’s summer time. It’s time to make a change. You’ve been oiling and growing your hair for this moment. This time you will try something new, you whisper to yourself and that’s when anxiety kicks in along with the other emotional stages of getting a haircut.

Don’t worry, we will get through this together!

1. Confidence

You’ve been scrolling through Instagram on countless nights looking for the ideal summer haircut. You’ve found the perfect one.

excitment final

Everyone is going to love it. You can imagine all the likes, all the poses and all the hairstyles you will be able to use.

3. Anxiety

You have entered the salon; you are in the seat, scrolling to those same Insta pictures to show your stylist. There is no turning back now – you are in the hot seat!



Snip Snip. The first cut is the deepest. Sheryl knows what she’s talking about.

5. Annoyance

She’s faced you the other way and now you can’t see yourself in the mirror, what is she doing back there, I can hear more snipping, the floor is covered with hair – you loved your long hair! What are you doing?? Damn the Kardashians for making short hair look so good.

Acceptance final

It’s ok, it’s almost over. Everything will be alright.

7. Obsession

Who is that in the mirror?!? Oh, it’s you… and damn you look flawless.