6 Ways To Stay Sane During Lockdown

Finding it difficult to stay at home 24X7 yet stay sane? Us too. 

House arrest, lockdown, Stay-at-home, living in isolation, confinement, WFH, social distancing – before we knew, these terrifying jargon became everyday terms for us and 3rd month into 2020, the future is already looking grim in the face of the recent COVID-19 outbreak. The world is shut and is functioning from home. The busiest of the streets are left empty, mirroring scenes from apocalyptic Hollywood films. The biggest challenge for us at the moment is to keep our sanity intact as we all try to work from home, cut off from friends and family. Staying calm is something that we can’t ignore at a time like this. Here are 6 ways to keep you at home yet sane during this lockdown. 

1. Hit The Music
The rhythm divine is the best way to handle any kind of stress or anxiety. Find out your list of greatest hits and deep dive into that innermost part of your soul you’ve been ignoring so far. Now you have all the time at your disposal. 

2.  Look Up, The Sky Is Still Blue
Take breaks. Working from home can swing both ways – either you turn into a snoozer and allow your 5 minutes nap to become a marathon dreamcatcher, or you glue yourself to your laptop and phone to stay up till 3 in the morning. Either way, it can trigger agitation. Rather, look out of the window, rest your eyes on the horizon. Remember, you used to complain you can’t see the outside from your desk? 

3. Get Productive, Not Only At Work But Also For Yourself
You are now saving all the time you used to spend commuting to your workplace. Put it to good use. Whether it’s writing or photography, rescue that hobby of yours from the debris of daily life. Or find a new one. 

4. Take Care Of Yourself
Whether it’s a long, relaxing bath or just a cup of tea during your evening work break, remember to take care of yourself. Try all those hairstyles you wanted to but never got time, put on those sheet masks while on a con-call, take care of your fingernails, knees and elbows, body parts that rarely got your attention before. Now is the time to indulge in head-to-toe self-care.      

5. Take Care Of Others
These are trying times. It is easy to lose yourself to despair and lash out, especially to the closest person of your life thinking that they would understand. But remember, they are going through the same ordeal – long con-calls, unending WhatsApping, nerve-wracking uncertainty. So practice kindness and patience. Be there for each other, whether it is your special someone, your husband or wife, your best friend. 

6. Filter Fake News
Steer clear of the constant forwards you receive in your WhatsApp all day, everyday. You’re under lockdown, so are your friends. Stay connected, but switch your mind off of the flow of #coronavirus information. Rather, focus on meaningful conversations and productive WhatsApping.

Yes, darkness looms large at the horizon right now. But know that every cloud has a silver lining. Our job is to gather the courage in the face of the storm so that we can focus on finding that silver lining. We are in this together, let’s fight #coronavirus together. Until then, #StayHomeSlayCorona #21DaysWithHealthAndGlow

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