6 Nail Colour Ideas For The Professional In You

Choosing a style statement for work is often a tricky business. You’ve got to dress to impress without being too out there. A lot of offices today have strict dress codes in places to ensure this and even those that do not tend to expect their employees to tow a certain moderate line. It’s not just your clothes that define your professional persona. Little details like the choice of nail colour also count. On that count, neutral, subtle shades work best. But neutral doesn’t have to be boring. These 6 nail colour ideas that are lit despite being soft on the eyes are proof: 

Natural Metallic
Create this look using a soft colour with a metallic finish – like this subtle pink from Chambor. With a gel manicure finish, this shade works wonders to accentuate the appeal of your hands. 

Pearly White
If you enjoy keeping your nails painted but hate the exercise of removing and reapplying nail polish every other day, pearly white makes for the perfect go-to workwear. Subtle, a classic that’s always in trend and shade that complements every style and colour of clothing – this is a timeless pick that’ll last you from Monday to Friday. 

Glittery Base
It’s not necessary that you’ve got to stick to good old fashioned uniform nail colour for office wear. You can shake things up a little with fun and interesting twists like a coat of transparent nail lacquer finished with a hint of golden glitter nail polish at the base. This juxtaposition of glitter with a nude look makes your hands look irresistibly gorgeous without bordering on outlandish. 

Blush Pink
When in doubt, wear pink – that could well be the mantra when it comes to nail colours for office wear. You just cannot go wrong with a soft blush pink shade, which delivers on a desirable mix of natural and groomed. 

Soft Taupe
A neutral colour like a soft taupe is another perfect pick for workwear. It blends right in and makes itself obscure while doing the job of lending your hands an elegant appeal. 

Ash Grey
If your workplace is rather conservative about its dress code and decorum, nothing says subtle and understated like an Ash Grey on your nails. On days when you feel compelled to break the monotony of soft, subtle hues, just mix it up with a coat of glittery silver on one nail on each hand. 

Pick your favourites from this list of trendy yet office-friendly nail colour ideas and get coating.  

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