All Under 599: A Thrifty Shopping Guide

Has all that Valentine’s Day splurging left you feeling a pinch in your pocket? We feel you! That’s why we’re back with another specially curated selection of products you can buy on a shoe-string budget to cater to the needs of your skin and hair, as the weather takes a warmer turn. Here are all the essentials you can load up for under 599: 

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Neutrogena Sunblock SPF50+

Price: INR 449

As the sun rays get stronger and more potent by the day, a bankable sunscreen is a must-have. The popular Neutrogena sunblock with SPF 50+ and well-rounded UVA protection, with a sweat-proof and waterproof formulation, is just what you need. 

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BBlunt Dry Shampoo

Price: INR 250

With more sweat comes more frequent grease and grime build up on the scalp that can leave your hair looking limp and lifeless. Counter it with a dry shampoo that effectively restores hair to their original glory instantly. The mild beachy fragrance will keep your senses refreshed all day long. 

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Coloressence Matte Lip Pencil Seduction

Price: INR 450 

Looking to keep the magic of Valentine’s Day lingering a bit longer? This lip crayon in a sensuous deep red shade might well be all you need. The rich pigmentation makes it easy to apply, the matte finish gives your lips a fuller appearance and the long-stay properties keep the colour in place for up to 12 hours. 

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Olay Moisturizing Cream 

Price: INR 499

The windy days of February and March are known to suck the moisture out of your skin. The result? Cracked lips and flaky, dull-looking appearance. Give yourself a dose of deep nourishment with this Olay cream designed to maintain the skin’s moisture balance and restore its softness. 

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Himalaya Rich Cocoa Butter Body Cream

Price: INR 270

The brunt of moisture-sucking winds is felt not just on the face but the body too. This body cream, enriched with cocoa butter extracts, is designed to eliminate dullness and dryness. The Vitamin E content of this formulation also offers protects against damage from sun and pollutants. 

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Ital Veloce Fragrance Mist

Price: INR 454

Your preparation for the changing season wouldn’t be complete without a refreshing fragrance to see you through those sweaty days. That’s exactly what the Sea Island Temptation fragrance mist has to offer. With notes of lavender, rosewood, patchouli, narcissus and orchids, this woody-floral fragrance will keep your feeling fresh and peppy. 

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Its Skin Blueberry Face Mask Sheet

Price: INR 100

Give your skin a power dose of anti-oxidants with a face mask sheet infused with blueberry extracts to revitalise and moisturise the skin. It offers deep nourishment and lends your face a healthy glow with a single use. Just what you need to reverse the damage sustained day in and day out!

Go on, shop till you drop because self-love doesn’t need an occasion!

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