5 Sustainable Beauty Hacks For A Better Planet

5 Sustainable Beauty Hacks For A Better Planet

Sustainable beauty is gaining prominence more than ever before. The buzzword isn’t limited to the ingredients that make up beauty products. It’s also about what goes into packing them, how they’re used, and how they’re disposed off.  The World Environment Day is fast approaching, and it’s probably the best time to revisit your beauty and care routine and implement tweaks to give it a sustainable, environment-friendly edge. Here are some simple ways.

# 1 – Stock jumbo bottles
Folks who are loyal to their skin and hair care products can do themselves and the environment a service by using jumbo bottles. When in the habit of using the same shampoo, conditioner, moisturiser, or body wash over and over again, it makes senses to invest in a larger quantity of the product rather than contribute to plastic waste with many small bottles. Even better, bulk buy is often cheaper and pocket-friendly in the long run.

# 2 – Use dry shampoo
Unless it’s absolutely necessary, skip washing your hair every day and instead, switch to dry shampoos. Using no-rinse formulations not only helps save water but also keeps tresses healthy.

# 3 – Break up with disposable razors
Leave single-use disposable razors with the hospitality folks. Single blade or multi-use razors with replaceable cartridges are a greener alternative and ensure that you’ve shaved off unwanted hair enough number of times before tossing the plastic body into the waste bin.

# 4 – Switch to menstrual cups
You really can’t have much control over period flow, but you can definitely choose how to deal with it. Sanitary napkins and tampons are probably the most convenient option, but they do contribute to the landfill. The sustainable alternative? Menstrual cups. These cups, made with medical grade silicone, are safe, reusable, can last for up to 10 years before needing replacement.

# 5 – Embrace recyclable packaging
Keep a check on the plastic bottles, tubes that pile up in your vanity bag, makeup stash or bathroom counters. Such packaging only adds to the misery of ever-piling plastic waste, unless you make a concerted effort to recycle them or side with alternatives like glass or metal containers. Thankfully, many brands are cognizant of this problem and have simple solutions in place. Wild Ideas uses glass and paper packaging for most of their product. Plum uses recycled plastic for packaging and also encourages buyers to return empty bottles to be recycled.

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