5 Rules For Younger Looking Skin

Most of us are not blessed with great skin genes. And even if you are; our present day lifestyle situations like stress, lack of sleep, pollutants, harsh chemicals and the UV rays mean bye-bye great looking skin. So we got some top dermatologists to give us the five most important tips that will ensure you have soft, smooth, supple skin throughout the year. You’ve just got to follow the rules.

  1. Broad-spectrum sunscreen on all the exposed part of your body at all times. UV rays are very tricky. Try Vichy Capital Soleil SPF 50 Velvety Complexion Refining Cream.
  2. Use a retinoid/retinol based cream to minimise the appearance of age spots and fine line. Try L’Oreal Paris Revitalift Magic Blur Instant Smoother.
  3. Keep skin hydrated at all times. Drink at least 8 to 10 glasses of water. Keep your skin extra dose of moisture at night to get supple skin in the morning. Try Eau Thermale Avene Rich Compensating Cream
  4. Eat right – green veggies, and fresh fruits. Compensate low vitamins and minerals with a health supplement. Post the age 30, women need it. Try Revital Woman Daily Health Supplements
  5. Wind down and relax at the end of the day. Stress can cause dehydration, and blood constriction in the body which can cause cells to age faster. Soothe your nerves with lavender essential oil. Few drops in your bath water do the trick. Try Organic Harvest Lavender Essential Oil.